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Understanding Failure & Learning How To Face It

Understanding Failure & Learning How To Face It 1

It may sound like a very bizarre thing to say but it’s important to have failures in life in order to strength you as a person. The thing with failure is that it teaches you priceless valuable lessons. Failure should be viewed as a positive thing and not negative. It’s about taking the positivity out of something which initially is negative.

When you go through a situation where you feel you have failed, it stresses you and puts even more pressure on you. It starts to question your competency and abilities. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in what we are doing that we pay attention to finer irrelevant details. It happens! After all we are human and allowed to make errors. We now see these mistakes as a breather, as a sign to stop, evaluate and maybe make different decisions as to what was initially planned. Take a slightly different route to your destination.

Failures test our patience and us as an individual. Some people are quick to give up and see failure as sign for them not to continue on a particular path. For me, we see it as a helping hand, a warning as to how we can be better in every aspect including in terms of confidence, adapting, patience, achievement, self-esteem, delivering and satisfaction.

 It truly is survival of the fittest; hence we should not de-evaluate ourselves by giving up so quickly without putting up a good fight for what we want. Nothing comes to anyone on a plate, we have to go out and earn it. Nothing in life is easy. It’s as simple as, what you put in is what you will get out. Most of the times our path is not clear-cut. Naturally there will be obstacles in our way. Some people see these obstacles as mistakes and get deflated; some people see it merely as a stepping stone leading in the right direction.

Sometimes we do need a helping hand, do not feel afraid to ask because if you don’t ask you will not get. We gain knowledge from asking questions so it’s important to keep asking until we fully understand. You will not be penalized for how many questions you ask!
Rome was not built overnight! It will take time to tackle this stigma of that failure is a bad thing. This will make a better person out of you, so it’s definitely worth the wait! 

Remember best things come to those who wait! We all lead such stressful lives. The competition out there is fierce which means the pressure is full on. This adds additional tension to everything else. When you are under so much stress mistakes can easily happen. Let them happen! Don’t think too much into it because then you are giving your energy to something that will not help you. Apply your energy to positive things that will fuel you to progress and achieve everything in life you have wanted!

Article by Mr. Nadeem Ahmed  Inspiring Author

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