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PSRI Hospital launched its super specialty OPD services for liver and kidney transplant at Bareilly

PSRI Hospital launched its super specialty OPD services for liver and kidney transplant at Bareilly 1

With over 3 decades of rich experience in serving the patients in Delhi-NCR, PSRI Hospital, New Delhi, launched its multi-specialty OPD services at Shree Nath Medicity Hospital, Bareilly today. This is yet another patient-centric step taken by the leading healthcare provider to deliver quality healthcare through world class services.

This OPD will be operational for Liver and Kidney related ailments every month on Last Wednesday, allowing the residents of Bareilly and neighbouring areas to access  the leading healthcare experts from PSRI, New Delhi. Along with the services provided by the doctors of PSRI Hospital, Dr Vivek Mishra MD Shree Nath Medicity Hospital, Bareilly and Dr Vijay Gupta Nephrologist from Shree Nath Medicity Hospital, Bareilly, will also be available for exclusive consultations.

Apart from non-modifiable risk factors, with the paradigm shift in lifestyle choices is one of the major reasons for rise in kidney and liver related ailments. The occurrence of kidney failure or chronic kidney disease (CKD) cases in the country are rapidly increasing due to various factors such as Diabetes , Uncontrolled Hypertension, Genetic conditions, Autoimmune diseases, drug or alcohol abuse and urinary tract infections. With ‘Kidney Transplant’ being the only end solution for such cases, it is imperative for patients and their families to understand various types of a kidney transplant surgical procedures.

“One of our key objectives through this OPD launch is post-transplant follow-up of kidney transplant patients, as this is not being done regularly. As a result, patients have been developing complications such as infections and rejections. Our team will be making consistent efforts to encourage people to lead a healthy lifestyle and be more aware of the symptoms of kidney diseases. Now a days the Kidney transplant surgery has become much easier and has fewer complications since we have started using laparoscopy. With these advanced surgeries the incisions are very small and do not cause any problem post-surgery, there is no problem faced by the donor also, as they can lead their normal life within a week. Similarly, the recipient also makes a good and early post – operative recovery.” Said Dr Amit Singh Malhotra, Senior Consultant- Urology and Kidney Transplant, PSRI Hospital, New Delhi.

“With Westernization trending up among the Indian youth, poor lifestyle is attributing to an increase in number of liver ailments also. With the extended support of expert doctors from PSRI Hospital for kidney and liver related ailments at Shree Nath Medicity Hospital, Bareilly, it will be a boon for the patients of Bareilly and adjoining areas.” Said Dr Vivek Mishra, MD Shree Nath Medicity.    

According to the recent reports of WHO, Liver related diseases are being recognized as one of the second chronic diseases which are becoming the reason of increasing death rate in India. As per the recent data provided by Globacan India 2018, Liver cancer was ranked 12th among the most frequent cancer in India, accounting for around 30000 cases new cases of liver cancer recorded.

“Advancements made in the techniques of Liver transplantation, has continued to evolve drastically, such that the patient not only lives a longer life but also has better quality of survival post treatment. Cirrhosis is an end result of a variety of liver diseases characterized by fibrosis and architectural distortion of the liver with the formation of regenerative nodules which needs to be timely intervened before becoming life threatening disease. Our focus is to enable patients in need to access timely, expert and quality healthcare services, irrespective of geographic barriers. While liver transplant is giving fresh lease of life to thousands of patients with liver diseases, the steep rise in liver-related problems in recent years makes it even more crucial for patients to have access to early diagnosis. Said Dr K R Vasudevan, Head- Liver Transplant, PSRI Hospital, New Delhi.

The key purpose of setting up the OPD in Bareilly is to extend the services to the people of Uttar Pradesh who can’t afford to travel far for treatment. The experienced and highly qualified doctors at PSRI Hospital have already created their own milestones in their respective fields and are now inclined to serve more people. The OPD service and related facilities is yet another patient-centric step taken by the  leading healthcare provider to deliver quality healthcare through world-class services.

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