Happy motherhood with the joy and gentleness of Johnson’s Baby

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Namrata Deepak Sadhvani, City Editor (English) Hyderabad at Momspresso, Volunteer at Sayfty and Social Media Influencer #NizamiMom

Motherhood for me has been the most precious journey filled with countless indelible memories. It is a rewarding experience and I am sure when I say this, I am speaking for all mothers out there. Right from the birth of my little ones until this time, not only they have grown but also I have grown as a person.

In all these years being a mother of two I have tried to ensure that they don’t face even the smallest of troubles. Adding to my learning journey is the ongoing lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic.  This new phase of life is something that none of us were prepared for. It took us some time to adjust but my children have adapted well to the ongoing situation. All our outdoor activities had to be transformed into indoor playtime, it was challenging at first but we also developed an unbreakable bond and explored corners of our home like never before.

I still remember their growing up years and want to encourage all mothers, especially first-time mothers in this lockdown phase to be confident in providing care to their little ones. New mothers need to be aware that the power of their gentle touch along with the right choice of products for their baby skincare, especially in the changing season can ease a lot of worries.

A baby’s skin is extremely delicate and sensitive when compared to an adult’s skin and tends to lose moisture rapidly. Therefore moisturizing is very important to protect it against dryness. Also with the ongoing monsoon season, it is important to keep a baby’s skin hydrated. For my babies I took some time to find the right moisturizer, I always wanted to use a mild lotion to suit their delicate skin. My research landed me at Johnson’s Baby lotion and it has worked wonders on their skin. It is best for the baby and gently moisturizes the skin leaving it soft throughout the day and is clinically proven mild enough to use it on the baby’s face and body. Moreover, it is an all-season moisturizer that helps retain natural skin moisture.

Baby’s delicate hair also needs special care. I can vouch for Johnson’s Baby No More Tears Shampoo which I used for my boys. It cleanses the baby’s fine hair and delicate scalp ensuring no redness and stinging to the eyes. Not only did it leave their hair soft, shiny, and manageable but also left a fresh fragrance. Moreover, it made my baby care routine fun by providing them gentle care.

Chandrama Deshmukh, Content Head – MomJunction

Being a mother is a full-time job and the most fulfilling one. I remember, since my son was a toddler, each second of this beautiful journey rewarded me with learnings of a life-time. Because from the time you hold that little bundle of joy in your hands, it is also your birth as a mother. 

“Their giggles are priceless, their presence filled with warmth

Your little bundle of joy is gentle and they require the gentlest touch”

These words flow out of my heart as a message to all mothers whose spirits are weighed down with confusion and anxiety with the current lockdown situation. By being well prepared and staying calm we can take care of our babies at this time considering it is difficult to visit a hospital for small problems. Altering your baby care routine for changing seasons can be helpful.

Here are some of the best practices that I would suggest:

Since it is monsoon season bathing the baby daily is not necessary, you can bathe them every alternate day. Just ensure that the water is warm and you communicate with your baby while undressing them and throughout the bathing routine as it can help your baby feel comfortable with the whole process. I have been using Johnson’s Baby Top-To-Toe bath for my child right from the day he was born. It is an ultra-mild wash that is gentle on your baby’s skin and sensitive eyes. If the baby is a newborn one can wipe the baby using this mild cleanser with a cotton ball or washcloth, ensuring wiping on the face, corner of the eyes, behind the ears, the creases on the neck, and the diaper, followed by gently pouring warm water. By following these simple steps you can clean your baby without much worry and bathing the baby will soon turn into an activity to engage and bond with the baby.

Babies have a strong sense of a mother’s touch. It not just relaxes them but makes them feel comfortable and secure. Putting your baby to sleep after a loving bath will not just calm them, but will also give you a sense of ease. Remember, baby-routine can turn into fun, laughter, and cuddles only if you let yourself enjoy this time. And believe it or not, your baby understands this too. Johnson’s Baby had always been there, throughout the journey of my motherhood, like a quiet, caring presence. Even today, when I see the Top-To-Toe bath bottle, it fills me with nostalgia and reminds me of what a joyful journey I am on.

Massaging is another important ritual for the development of your baby’s health and to strengthen your bond with your child. Gently massaging the baby helps to nurture your baby’s growth, communication, and learning, and also their multisensory development. One tip I learned from my mum is that while massaging your baby, it is ideal to use a small amount of an appropriately formulated oil, and practice upwards strokes to make the process smoother. My go-to choice for the oil has always been Johnson’s Baby oil and I recommend it to everyone to use for their baby. Another tip is to ensure that the massaging room’s temperature is warm so that your baby avoids catching a cold. Also, not using excess oil for massaging especially if your baby’s skin is irritated or has rashes.

My last and most favorite tip for every fellow mom is this –

Live it up. Every moment of it. Because these little birds grow too soon and before you know, they are ready to fly. Make every bath, every massage, every diaper change, and every moment count.

Happy motherhood with the joy and gentleness of Johnson’s Baby.

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