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Cell-Based Therapy Gives Miraculous Recovery Of Vision In A 11-Year-Old Boy

Cell-Based Therapy Gives Miraculous Recovery Of Vision In A 11-Year-Old Boy 1

Research in the medical field is advancing rapidly. In Mumbai, a team headed by Dr Pradeep Mahajan (Regenerative Medicine Researcher, Stem Rx Bioscience Solutions Pvt. Ltd.), proudly report the case of an 11-year-old boy from Punjab who regained his vision completely and showed significant improvement in fits after cell-based therapy.

It was a long-term battle for the patient and his family against a neurological condition called Sturge-Weber Syndrome without any success in treatments. The patient was 4-years-old Tanish Arorawhen he had his first seizure (fits) in mid-2015. He was taken to the hospital and given medicines after which he recovered. However, at the end of the same month, he had a convulsion again and this time, all related investigations were done. The specialists in the city did not notice any specific abnormality and advised the family to continue the seizure medications. Subsequently, his family consulted the top hospitals and doctors in Delhi but he was not diagnosed with any specific condition. Again, he was asked to continue the seizure medicines as the frequency of seizures was increasing and the family was not able to understand what was wrong with the child. The patient was unable to do his daily activities with ease, could not focus on studies, and needed assistance for everything. He stopped going to school because his seizures were frequent and was confined at home. In 2018, he was mistakenly diagnosed with tuberculosis, and treatment was started. However, after just one dose of the medicine, the severity of fits increased and he lost his vision. He was admitted for 4 days at a hospital and his vision was regained after 27 days. His medicines were changed after every 8-9 months, as he would stop responding to them. Finally, in December 2021, he was diagnosed with Sturge-Weber Syndrome but the doctors said that there is no treatment for this and only his symptoms can be managed to the best possible extent through medicines.

The family was shaken, as it was the worst they could imagine for the young child. They were willing to go to any lengths for advanced treatments; however, were met with disappointment everywhere.In the first week of January 2022, the patient had another seizure attack along with complete vision loss. Although the doctors here and even from abroad had told that this would be the pattern always, the patient’s family started searching for more advanced treatments for the patient’s condition and came across a patient treated in Mumbai at StemRx under Dr. Pradeep Mahajan. His family approached him and decided to come to Mumbai.

Dr Pradeep Mahajan, Regenerative Medicine Researcher, Stem Rx Bioscience Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Navi Mumbai said, “This boy suffers from Sturge-Weber Syndrome, a neurological condition that occurs in about 1 out of 20,000-50,000 live births. Port-wine stain on the face is a characteristic feature of the condition, although not all patients have this birthmark. Patients have neurological abnormalities like seizures/fits and eye-related problems (increased eye pressure and vision loss). This boy’s condition was worrisome on arrival in Mumbai as he was not eating, was irritable, and had complete vision loss. It was very important to treat him immediately and help him improve his quality of life.”

Dr Mahajan explains further, “Our body has natural healing mechanisms that can be capitalized to treat various conditions. I am a firm believer in autologous cell-based therapy/ regenerative medicine because it utilizes various cells, growth factors, peptides, and other molecules that target the core problems rather than simply treat the signs and symptoms of a disease. For example, mesenchymal cells regulate the disease environment and enhance the functions of other cells. Through this, a healthier environment is created in the area of injury for reparative mechanisms to function effectively. Also, cells and growth factors reduce the tissue level inflammation (swelling) and provide the necessary nutrition to the healthy cells, thereby enhancing healing.”

The treatment proved miraculous for the young boy. Within 10 days, the majority of his symptoms—frequency and severity of fits, irritability, appetite issues—showed improvement. The biggest improvement was in his vision. A completely blind child could see and this reflected in the family’s happiness, who had almost given up hopes of improvement in the child.

“My brother had seizures and vision loss due to a neurological condition which we were unaware of. His life became miserable, he stopped going to school, could not study, play or do any daily chores, and required our help. We would get disheartened on seeing him struggle. Although we did not know much about cell-based therapy, Dr. Mahajan explained to us in detail about what was happening to my brother and what could be done. For us, it was a ray of hope amidst all the negative opinions that he would never recover completely. After the treatment, we noticed a definite improvement in his vision and seizure attacks. What was most surprising to us was that he had memory issues. He would not quite remember old events, but after treatment, one day he narrated poetry that he had learned in school before 6 years. He spoke about school, which he never used to before. His appetite has improved and he makes it a point to communicate regarding bathroom needs, which he never used to before coming here. Overall, our entire family is extremely positive and we hope to continue seeing more results, which will let him live a normal, comfortable life. We thank Dr. Mahajan and the team at StemRx for showing us a way ahead when we were beginning to lose hope for my brother,” concluded the patient Tanish Arora sister.

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