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Rooting for BeatO, Pammi Aunty unleashes her desi wrath on ‘GhareluNuskhas’ for diabetes control

Rooting for BeatO, Pammi Aunty unleashes her desi wrath on ‘GhareluNuskhas’ for diabetes control 1

New Delhi, 26th  January 2022: Combating the myths of ‘Desi Totkas’ and its futility, BeatO on boards the very desi, humorous and influential – Pammi Aunty (aka SsumierPasricha). The leading, Indian, app-based health platform, resorts to humour through this collaboration, to highlight the importance of expert advice over the unwitting ‘gharelunuskhas’ to control diabetes.  

As a part of this campaign, Pammi aunty is seen talking to her son in the most desi-mummy style, as she trashes ‘gharelunushkas’ and their ineffectiveness. She recommendsBeatOCurv glucometer to monitor his blood sugars levels and get immediate access to experts’ advice, which she comically equates to ‘MaaKaPyar’, making it fun and relatable. Considering the upsurge in Omicron cases, this campaign is an extension to BeatO’s recently launched TVC and awareness campaign, which highlights that one should ‘Control Diabetes with Experts’. The campaign focussed on raising awareness about measures that can help one control diabetes and reduce health complications.

“While diabetes and its complications affect a large population in India, there is still not enough awareness around it. People often rely on home-remedies rather than seeking expert advice at the right time. As a brand we wanted to use a fun and relatable character to get this message across in a light-hearted way and therefore chose the famous and much-loved ‘Pammi aunty’. Her fun, story-telling style was an easy way to tell people to rely on experts rather than ‘desi totkas’.BeatO’s experts include coaches, nutritionists & top doctors and our coaches have provided over 100,000 consultations on the BeatO App to help them control diabetes.”

Devika Chopra

Director- Branding and Communications, BeatO app

A recent study by BeatO reveals that 75% of BeatOApp users were able to improve their blood sugar levels after just one counselling session. Additionally, studies prove that BeatO’s intervention via Health Coach counselling from Certified Diabetes Educators led to 51.9% reduction in hypoglycaemia incidences and also, a reduction of 9.45% in fasting sugar levels within just 45 days.

BeatOApp provides comprehensive care programs and solutions to monitor, control and reduce the impact of diabetes – along with other cardiometabolic conditions like blood pressure and cholesterol.

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