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One Day Virtual Workshop on Breast Cancer Awareness Month

One Day Virtual Workshop on Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1

Joyita is a Reiki grandmaster practicing Reiki for last 23 years. Reiki is a modality, which encourages healing by reducing stress.

A one-day workshop was organised creating awareness, accepting & embracing cancer. October month being regarded as Breast Cancer Awareness month. This workshop was organised by wellness coach Joyita and founder of Healing Miracles which works with women in recognising their inner strength along with Dr.Nupur, a Mindfulness teacher and a medical hypnotherapist.

In the Instagram session, Joyita stressed on the healing perspective in accepting cancer and DR Nupur shared her mindfulness practice in embracing changes which cancer brings. This technique can bring a comprehensive change in the realm of healing. This approach assists individuals who want to explore their spiritual side in a safe, gentle, and effective manner.

Joyita strengthens the flow of energy through the blocked or disturbed pathways, thus decreasing pain and enhancing the body’s natural ability to fight illnesses and heal itself. For cancer patients, Reiki helps to reduce pain associated with the progression of the disease, and also some of the uncomfortable symptoms patients commonly experience during cancer treatment, such as anxiety, weakness, and nausea.

This healing modality can also done through absentee method and a non-invasive technique with no side effects or complications. This healing is performed on cancer patients at virtually any time following their diagnosis.

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