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ABP News’ new offering ‘Seedhe Field Se’ to air at 10:30 PM every week day

ABP News' new offering 'Seedhe Field Se' to air at 10:30 PM every week day 1

Extending its commitment towards providing innovative and compelling content to its viewers, ABP News, has revealed a new offering, ‘Seedhe Field se’. This new segment provides real-time updates to the viewers on the major and developing stories of the day, directly from the ground. Seedhe Field Se covers each and every aspect of day-to-day happenings in politics, defense, sports, business, technology, health, etc. in India and at the global level.

ABP News has conceptualized Seedhe Field Se, especially keeping in mind the current pandemic situation and the burgeoning demand amongst viewers to know what’s happening in and around their city and nation. This unique segment places a special focus on ‘on-ground reporting’, which has become even more valuable during these distressing times. It ensures that viewers get an accurate account of what’s occurring on the ground, especially at a time when they are distant from it.

On-ground reporting is a necessary ingredient behind every successful news story. Having eyes and ears on the ground is important to uncover the truth behind burning issues.

To make sure that the viewers are well-informed about all key issues, a team of experienced reporters on Seedhe Field Se present diverse stories to the audiences. These reporters are experts in their own field and endeavor to provide answers/solutions to the viewers’ questions and concerns.

Keeping in mind the rising demand of quick news updates by the viewers, Seedhe Field Se airs twice a day with new stories and fresh coverage at 10:30-11:00 PM.

On this new offering, Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network said “At ABP Network, our prime aim is to cater to the needs of our viewers. ‘Seedhe Field se’ is a unique offering which covers national as well as international affairs in a fast-paced manner. The on-ground reporting by our talented reporters helps us establish credibility, which is the most important aspect of news. ABP News has always been viewer centric and it will continue to be the same. We hope our new offering will create a positive impact in our viewers’ life, which remains our foremost priority.”

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