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A snoring partner: The new reason for infidelity

A snoring partner: The new reason for infidelity 1

A snoring partner by your side is indeed a nightmare. No female would want to spend sleepless nights while sharing the space with her husband who is a snorer. This continued inconvenience and lack of sleep can eventually create frustrations and tensions in the relationships. In the worst case scenarios, this becomes the reason for adultery.

No matter how odd it sounds, it is indeed a fact that a snoring partner leads to the wives seeking solace outside the marriage and they end up committing infidelity.

There are some partners who relocate to the spare space in the middle of the night owing to the constant snoring as they wish to have a few hours of peaceful sleep. On the other hand, there are wives who resort to changing the partner instead of changing the room. What is often unnoticed is that adultery comes with its fair share of significant changes when practised. Our at Gleeden survey suggests that before the pandemic, the wives who were unhappy with their husbands had an opportunity to spend quality time with the other man. However, now in the pandemic era, fantasizing and daydreaming about the good times spent together is the ideal escape route for the wives from their noisy husbands.

Until now, snoring was associated with the harmful effect on health. However, now it is also linked with affecting relationships and reducing sexual desire amongst the couples. This trend has been highlighted by Gleedenthe first of its kind portal forextramarital encounters and they mention that snoring is the major cause of infidelity.

Furthermore, 50% of wives in the region accepted that their husbands were the major cause of their infidelity. 44.5% admitted that due to lack of sleep, they tend to be irritable and this is what refrains them from putting efforts into their relationship. 38% state that snoring is the major cause for their arguments with their partners and 36.24% confessed that this has a direct impact on their relationship and reduces their craving for their partner.

When probed about their relationship status during the lockdown, 37% admit fantasizing about other men. 32% share that they actually think about someone else that is another man while masturbating and 28% confess that they think about the other man while having sex with their husbands.

Sleep is indeed an essential element of our lives and in fact relationships. Along with trust and communication, good sex life and sleep are equally important. Additionally, wives desire to sleep peacefully next to their partners and consider this as an important part of a healthy relationship.

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