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1st Phase of Assembly Elections underway in Assam, W Bengal

In Assam and West Bengal, polling for the First Phase of Assembly Elections is progressing smoothly.
The average voter turnout was registered at 62.09 per cent in Assam while it was 70.17 per cent in West Bengal till 03.45 P.M.
There is no report of any untoward incident so far in both the states.
People were seen standing in long queues at the Polling Stations right from the beginning.
All the necessary facilities and security arrangements have been provided to ensure free and fair polling during this phase.
The Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail (VVPAT) is being used along with Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) at all Polling Stations, with a view to enhance the transparency and credibility of the election process.
Polling will take place till 6.00 P.M. in Assam while it will be held till 6.30 P.M. in West Bengal.

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