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Vaccination Drive at NTPC Corporate Office SCOPE Complex

Vaccination Drive at NTPC Corporate Office SCOPE Complex 1
India’s largest power generating company, NTPC signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Ministry of Power for the year 2019-20. NTPC has kept key targets as Rs 20,000 crore for capital expenditure and generate 310 Billion Units (BU) of electricity under excellent category.

To combat second wave of Covid Pandemic and ensure safety and good health of its employees, their family members and associates NTPC has been organising Vaccination drives at its various locations and offices.

A total number of 2013 persons have been vaccinated at NTPC SCOPE Office in New Delhi, over five days in a phased manner.

The vaccination process was conducted under strict Covid protocol.

Shri MSD Bhattamishra, Executive Director (HR) and HR Team was present on the occasion to facilitate and oversee the convenience of the beneficiaries.

NTPC has already vaccinated over 70,000 of its employees, workers and their family members across its operations.

NTPC aims to cover all eligible employees and their dependents under the protection of the vaccine. The vaccination drive has been running across 72 locations of NTPC which includes the JVs and subsidiaries.

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