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QuackQuack; the dating app specially dedicated to Indian singles has crossed 9 million registered users

QuackQuack; the dating app specially dedicated to Indian singles has crossed 9 million registered users 1

QuackQuack; one of India’s primary dating platforms today announced that they have crossed 9 million Indian users on their dating app.

The platform took just 97 days to reach the mark of 9 million from 8 million users. They added 3.6 Million users in the last 1 year that embarked a growth rate of 70% on their platform. On a daily basis, they are on-boarding around 18,000 new users on their platform since the lockdown was announced.

QuackQuack’s users are scattered throughout the country though about 40% of their users come from Metropolitan cities while 60% of their users are from Tier-2,3 cities.  Men are mostly concentrated in metro cities like Delhi NCR (7.62%), Hyderabad (4.64%), Mumbai (4.19%), Bangalore ( 4.18%) and Chennai ( 3.97%) while the women users are mostly found in cities like Delhi NCR  (9.98%), Mumbai ( 6%), Bangalore  (4.15%), Hyderabad  (3.36%) and Kolkata (2.49%).

Speaking about the achievement, Mr. Ravi Mittal, Founder of QuackQuack stated that “QuackQuack was built with an idea to cater to the Indian masses and help them find that special someone in their lives. Today, when we look back, it’s been a heck of a ride for us. The journey from being a new concept in the market to one of the leading dating platforms in India is quite humbling”

He further added “We at QuackQuack will continue making necessary changes and uplifting our platform in order to meet the requirements of the modern customer. Customer’s satisfaction and safety are our primary motives and we will continue to work towards that with the best of our abilities”

QuackQuack is also gaining big grounds in the Tier-2,3 cities and their popularity can be very well witnessed from the  growing user base in these cities which has surpassed a million users recently. In small cities, the men users are mostly from cities like Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Lucknow, Bhubaneshwar and Indore. While the female users are mostly from cities like Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Indore, Guwahati and Nagpur.

QuackQuack also runs internal surveys to review their consumer behaviour and during the lockdown period they conducted a survey and the observations are as follows:

·         Out of 100 profile views, a male user likes 35 profiles and skips 65 profiles while a female user likes only 4 profiles and skips 96 profiles

·         A male user chats with 10 user profiles while a women user chats with 25 user profiles on an average basis.

·         About 60% users who create profiles upload their photos, while 40% are apprehensive and are not comfortable in uploading their photos

·         A Male user logins almost 20 times in a day, while a female user logins 26 times a day into their profile

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