Online Performance Dashboard “Empowering Tribals, Transforming India” developed by M/o Tribal Affairs launched

Text of PM’s inaugural address at India Global Week 2020
The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi interacts with representatives from Varanasi based NGOs via video conference, in New Delhi on July 09, 2020.

Shri Amitabh Kant, CEO,NITI Aayog and ShriRamesh Chand,Member NITI Aayog inaugurated the“Online Performance Dashboard “Empowering Tribals, Transforming India”developed by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA)on 10th August, 2020.  The launch was made during the meeting taken by NITI Aayog to review the progress of CSS / CS Schemes of MoTA in the light of national development agenda, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), strategy for New India and other policy initiatives. It may be mentioned that the SDGswere adopted in September,  2015 as a part of the resolution, ‘Transforming our world: the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development’. At the Central Government level, NITI Aayog has been assigned the role of overseeing the implementation of 17 SDGs in the country. In the meeting, officers of MoTA led by Shri. Deepak Khandekarmade presentation on various e-Initiatives undertaken by it duringlast one year.

Shri Amitabh Kant congratulated the Ministry on digitalization of various schemes and their integration with Performance Dashboard “Empowering Tribals-Transforming India”. Sh. Ramesh Chand, Member NITI Aayog also complimented Ministry for its efforts in achieving Output-Outcome goals framed by NITI Aayog. 

Performance Dashboard is an interactive and dynamic online platform that showcases updated & real-time details of 11 schemes / initiatives of the Ministry for achieving these SDGs. The Dashboard captures performance of 5 Scholarship Schemes of Ministry wherein every year about 30 lakh underprivileged ST beneficiaries reap benefit to the tune of INR 2500 crores. NITI Aayog was briefed that Ministry has recently got 66th SKOCH Gold Award for “Empowerment of Tribals through IT enabled Scholarship Schemes” under the guidance of DBT Mission. While carrying out national evaluation of Centrally Sponsored Schemes focused on social inclusion, as a part of its mandate for NITI Aayog,KPMG has recognized the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Portal of Ministry of Tribal Affairs as a best practice in e-governance which has brought about greater transparency, accountability and radical improvement in service delivery to Scheduled Tribe students. Dynamic Dashboard captures details of tribal students from one State to different States and to different countries.


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