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How Ayurvedic treatments become more effective in polluted cities than Artificial Treatments

With the ever increasing urban landscape pollution seems to grab these city scapes into gas chambers. Mostly the city dwellers tend to neglect these issues. But, the problem becomes a monster when we face different health impacts. These health issues mostly arise due to small particles that we breathe in. Looking into the statistics of our body we tend to breathe approximately about 26,000 times a day which is 18 breaths per minute. This is over a billion small particles a day say 150 full bathtubs of air goes into our body each day. Apart from this an average household collects about 2 pounds of dust a week which is huge.

Taking these gasping figures in mind, one needs to protect the lungs form pollution through some natural treatments. Ayurvedic remides are the one which help in restoration of health without side-effects. In cities where pollution levels are too high, sometimes other treatments do rescue but only for short run. Whereas, ayurveda have long-term benefit for the body, once it is adopted on a daily basis.

Here are easy home techniques that can be avoided to keep pollution at bay!

Steam Therapy: Use of peppermint or eucalyptus oil in hot water to steam on a daily basis helps to clean the respiratory track.

Fumigation: Use of natural dhoop in house with ayurvedic aguru to keep the air of house clean.

Chawanprash: Regular intake of chwanprash at night helps in building immunity of lungs.

Detox tea: Mostly know as Khara or tea prepared with mulethi, ginger, basil, turmeric rejuvenates the lung.

Apart from adopting these habits it is necessary to do Pranayam for healthy lung, as these are mostly part of the ayurvedic combination:

Anulom-Vilom Pranayam: Doing this exercise 15 minutes every day builds capacity of our lung.

Bhastrika Pranayama: Recommended by the Journal of science and medicine is used to improve the capacity of the lungs. Research found out that in cities with more pollution this pranayama does excellent job of maximizing ventilation volume. They found people doing this yoga had build effective lung capacity and high levels of peak expiration flow.

KapalBharti Pranayam: It is known as cleansing technique which helps in clearing mucus, passage of lungs and builds health in the body.

Dr. Rajat Trehan (NHI-California, CFN) Clinical Nutritionist also suggests, “Being in Delhi, Kolkata or other Indian cities which has recorded to be severely polluted people should try addressing these problems on daily basis to keep them healthy. There are natural preparations by healurbody, which absorbs pollutants and detoxify the effects of the pollution”

Other essential ayurvedic tactics to help you survive the pollution are using the following natural herbs like:

  • Neem: It helps as a detoxifying agent to purify blood and other lympathic tissues.
  • Tulsi/Basil should be planted at one’s home to drive off pollution.
  • Turmeric: Regularly taking turmeric with honey is a bonus to health.
  • Pipali: Is a lung purifier and has rejuvenating properties to keep pollution away.

Ayurveda provides a comprehensive solution to the pollution problem which artificial treatments fail to provide. As ayurvedic treatments encompass using of lifestyle as well as food techniques which are 100% natural in all way without using antibiotic of any kind. This eventually helps in promoting overall wellness and keeps pollution away—-By

Rajat Trehan Clinical Nutritionist & Dietitian(Health & Wellness Consultant)

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