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Hindustan Power to Support families of employees succumbing to COVID

Hindustan Power to Support families of employees succumbing to COVID 1

Hindustan Power, a leading player in the power sector, has announced financial support for all employees including contract staff who succumbed to Covid-19.

The Company is providing one-time support of Rs 8-10 lakhs per employee to each family and also continuous financial support for the well-being of the family due to loss of earning member, Hindustan Power will also make an additional monthly payment in the range of Rs 35,000-Rs 50,000 for next three years. This to also help cover living expenses besides support the education of the children left behind.

For employees, who have recovered from Covid, in addition to health care insurance benefits, Company is providing interest free financial loans and special paid leaves. Company has been providing critical medical equipment to all its employees and it has also created hospitalization facilities in its plant at Anuppur, Madhya Pradesh. Company has already organized three vaccination camps in Delhi and several in Anuppur for vaccination of its employees, contractors and their families.

Mr Lalit Jain, President – Thermal, Hindustan Power said: “We stand firmly with our employees and are committed to their well-being and social security. Employee welfare and care of their loved ones is our top priority in these difficult times.”

The Company has announced a comprehensive Covid Care Policy Plan for the benefit of all its employees, staff and their immediate family members which have been implemented with immediate effect. Every effort is being made by the company in the shortest possible time to facilitate and help all its employees/staff and family members in need of any Covid related assistance.

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