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Gleeden: The confession dairies!

Gleeden: The confession dairies! 1

Dating is a very fascinating subject and when it comes to dating for adults, the complexities go to a whole new level. It requires a lot more compatibility, trust and emotional backing. For some, it can be termed as Infidelity but from the outset it’s just love and as we all know it sees no boundaries.

In order to know more about these complexities of adult dating, Gleeden; a popular extramarital dating platform in India conducted a survey among its users from Metropolitan cities and the respondents were quite candid in their approach.

It was found out that Gleeden users from Delhi are most likely to cheat on their partners within the first 3 months of their relationship with 30.5% votes whereas these love birds are most unlikely to cheat their partners once their relationship goes beyond 5 years. The Southern region of the nation is headed by Hyderabad with 26.1% of users agreeing to cheat on their partners within the first 3 months followed by Chennai with 25% and Bangalore with 23.4% votes. After the completion of 5 years in a relationship, the stats for Infidelity goes down but is still prominent with Chennai leading the pack with 20% votes followed by Hyderabad with 19.6% and Bangalore with 19.1% votes. Mumbai on the other hand has a constant graph all throughout the relationship with 23.4% respondents agreeing to commit Infidelity within the first 3 months and 24.2% of them confirming their extramarital affairs even after 5 or more years in the relationship.

The respondents were also asked about the different factors that they would consider as Infidelity when committed by their counterparts apart from the obvious physical intercourse and the responses are quite interesting.  After physical closeness, Virtual sex or Intimacy is the prime factor that is considered as Infidelity by the Gleeden users. In this category, Chennai people are objecting the most with 44.4% votes, Mumbai is the 2nd in the list with 43.7% followed by Delhi at 42.5%, Bangalore at 40% and Hyderabad at 36.3%. Fantasizing about someone else while having sex or masturbating is another prime concern for these users. Here Delhi leads the pack with 45.7% votes followed by Mumbai at 45%, Hyderabad at 41.2% Bangalore at 37.7% and Chennai at 35.9%. The survey also points out a red flag for the eye candies, as real life flirting is another prominent issue that will be considered as Infidelity by these users. Delhi has given the maximum votes in this category with 43.5% users voting in affirmation followed by Bangalore at 41.2% and Hyderabad at 38.3%. Users from Mumbai and Chennai have given a unanimous decision with 36.8% of votes.

Surprisingly, it was also found out that users from Delhi regret the most after committing Infidelity with 74.2% of votes followed by Bangalore with 62.4% votes. Hyderabad is 3rd in the list with 60.9% users voting for the same followed by Chennai with 55% and Mumbai with 54% of votes from the users.

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