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Gleeden: Beware; the Lack of Compliments is the #1 Reason for Female Infidelity!

Gleeden: Beware; the Lack of Compliments is the #1 Reason for Female Infidelity! 1

The worst phase in a relationship comes when you have to deal with the suspicions of cheating. But what signs indicate that your partner is cheating on you? Usually, if you are searching for answers to this question, you already suspect that you are the victim of infidelity as you find something missing in your relationship.

In contrast to the cultural stereotypes, nearly as many women cheat as their counterpart. There may be several reasons why your partner steps out of the relationship – under appreciation, feeling neglected or ignorance. So, before the situation gets out of control, it is worth looking at why people are unfaithful or what drags them into a relationship outside married life — especially women, whose affairs are often misreported.

Remember, if you suspect your partner of infidelity, don’t turn a blind eye. It is very important to make your partner understand why you feel that way without having them shut down because an honest dialogue between the two of you is required.

Partner’s Inattentiveness is the Major Cause of Infidelity among Women

Though being nice to people has always been a good habit, it is extremely important in present times to be extra nice to your fiancés, wives, and girlfriends! Why? Well, a recent study conducted by Gleeden has revealed that the lack of compliments and acts of kindness from their spouses is the #1 reason for female infidelity!

The survey was conducted over 11,000 female users* and according to their responses, 84% women complain about their partners not giving them enough attention and compliments whereas 61% admit that lack of compliments cause discussions and tension within the couple. Further, 77% of respondents admitted that this behaviour is the primary reason which brought them to stray away from their married life.

Going further, 82% of the respondents stated that they need to feel appreciated and valued in their relationship, lack of which forces them to look elsewhere. For 76%, the lack of compliments undermines their ability to feel desirable and seductive. Lastly, 42% find it hard to feel sexually attracted and aroused towards someone who doesn’t feel the same way, forcing them to look for love outside the relationship.

Even the Journal of Sex Marital Therapy supports these revelations that an inattentive partner can have a devastating impact on a woman’s interest in the relationship. It states that women who regularly receive compliments from their fiancé, husband or boyfriend about their looks are more sexually fulfilled than others.

Watch for Signals

If you are seriously worried about your partner possibly having an affair, do watch for signals and explore reasons. Mostly, all of us have a fixed schedule and even if there are changes in our schedule, it has some valid reasons. However, if your partner starts working till late suddenly, especially when there is no new job, promotion or project, it is probably the time for you to get alert.

Moreover, if she has suddenly started giving more preference to her appearance like hairstyle change, increased interest in fitness or a splurge on new clothing, there is a chance she is doing it to please you but the situation is worrisome if your significant other looks the same around you but better for work or certain social events.

Further, call it habit or boredom, some people are always hooked on their phone, but the issue might be serious if this is a new habit for your partner. If they are relying on the phone to get through their quiet time with some suspicious signs, it is worth keeping an eye on.

Summing Up!

Indeed, the more a woman feels wanted, nice, desired and physically valued by her partner, the higher her level of satisfaction and interest in the relationship. Learning about infidelity does not signal the end of a relationship but surely calls for a discussion between you and your partner.

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