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Clensta: Waterless Technology for good hygiene in water-deficit situations

India is facing the brunt of the worst water crisis ever and the further decreasing levels of surface and groundwater is alarming. According to a report by Niti Aayog, approx 200,000 Indians lose their lives every year due to an inadequate supply of water or by drinking contaminated water. As India’s population is heading to 1.7 Billion by 2050, the country is struggling hard to provide clean and safe water to its populace.

With the growing concerns of safe drinking water and water unavailability especially in rural areas, there is no dearth of challenges faced by people in maintaining personal hygiene, which is further giving rise to many health issues. The current situation demands innovative technologies and products that could help people maintain personal hygiene, without bearing the pressure of water availability and putting further burden on the existing water bodies.

One such new-age innovation is Waterless technology: Waterless personal hygiene solutions made by Clensta for people who have to compromise on their personal hygiene and health due to the unavailability of water or restricted mobility. Through their innovative “Waterless” healthcare products – Waterless body bath (Comprehensive Body Hygiene Solution) and Waterless Shampoo (Optimum Head Hygiene Solution), Dr. Puneet Gupta – Clensta CEO & Founder, an IIM C alumnus is making personal hygiene accessible to everyone. The differentiating factor is the “Waterless” technology, wherein one can rinse off without the use of water. These products make use of a simple formula, which is free of alcohol, SLS, paraben, gluten and any other harmful ingredients; removes dirt, oil and grease, thus providing a complete bathing experience. 

Clensta’s products are primarily targeted to address the needs of people facing water challenges; for patients being treated in hospitals who are unable to get up from their beds, but need to maintain good hygiene, and also for the armed forces who are deployed in water-scarce areas or extremely cold temperatures like operational forces, submarines and special forces. To maintain the hygiene of the patients in hospitals, mere sponging is not enough. With these products, the patients can maintain high level of cleanliness and feel fresh by shampooing and bathing without water. Also, Waterless bathing products are very helpful for long distance travellers and trekkers who may not get water everywhere at every point.

With products being widely used in different sectors by organisations like AIIMS, Indian Defence, Metro Hospitals, SKKM and more, Clensta plans to enter B2C market and expand its footprint across India; provide a fresh and hygienic bathing experience to people without the use of water.

The Waterless products would come in handy in extremely cold climates and minus degree temperatures, where water is either iced or unavailable for direct use. People can maintain their personal hygiene and keep themselves clean by using it.

Established with the intent of providing innovative solutions to everyday problems, Clensta has always kept an eye on the future with the aim to develop environment-compassionate products, which contribute to a better world.

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