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Class 12 exam evaluation criteria by Dr Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson, KiiT International School

Class 12 exam evaluation criteria by Dr Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson, KiiT International School 1

Dr Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson, KiiT International School, “The batch of 2020-2021 board students have faced the most uncertain academic year in recent history. It is high time to put their anxiety to rest and help them move forward in their career and educational journey. We welcome the assessment that has been given a nod by our honourable Supreme Court as it gives a concrete direction to the marking scheme. As a responsible school, we will take the best interest of the students while marking them. One aspect that could do with further deliberation is that we often see some students reach their true potential in the later part of their school years. The results of these late bloomers might have some implication if they have not had decent scores in two of the three classes to be taken into consideration. However, keeping the option of taking the class 12 exams open for such students is again a positive step.”

The scheme that the CBSE board has adopted to assess Class XII students could use some tweaking. We had five general subjects in Class X with no choice in what we studied, as compared to class XI and XII where we actually got to experience subject flexibility. Allotting 30% weightage to class X marks is rather unfair. While it was indeed valuable in our formative years, it should be given less attention to than XI and XII. In the case of class XI, it is widely believed that it is the least serious academic year as students get used to the new rhythm of learning and hence many students did not perform exceptionally! The main focus here should be on our class XII marks, where a lot of us focused our efforts in.” said Sarthak Vedant Mohanty, KiiT International School, Class-XII Humanities, Batch of ’21.

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