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Bank of India Net profit jumps four fold YoY

Bank of India Net profit jumps four fold YoY 1


  • Global Business increased from Rs.9,00,824 crore in Dec. 2019 to Rs. 10,26,866 crore in Dec. 2020 with YoY growth of 13.99%.
  • Global Deposits went up from Rs.5,22,138 crore in Dec.20219 to Rs. 6,11,879 crore in Dec.2020, i.e. by 17.19% YoY. Global Advances increased from Rs.3,78,686 crore to Rs. 4,14,987 crore, with a growth rate of 9.59% YoY.
  • The Bank’s domestic deposits and advances grew at higher rate than that of the Banking system. As against the Banking system’s YoY deposits growth of 11.5% and advances growth of 6.7% as on 1st January, 2021, the Bank’s YoY growth in deposits and advances is 17.7% and 9.1% respectively.
  • Domestic CASA deposits recorded a growth of 12.04% YoY. The share of CASA deposits improved from 39.49% in Sep. 2020 to 40.61% in Dec. 2020. 
  • Priority Sector advances constitutes 42.87% of ANBC in Dec. 2020, above the regulatory requirement.
  • Retail advances went up by 10.70% YoY and MSME advances went up by 14.10%.


  • Gross NPAs declined sequentially as well as YoY. From Rs.61,730 crore in Dec.2019 and Rs.56,232 crore in Sept. 2020, it declined to Rs.54,997 crore in Dec.,2020.
  • Net NPAs came down from Rs.20,113 Crore in Dec.2019 and Rs.10,444 crore in Sept. 2020 to Rs.9,077 crore in Dec.2020.
  • Gross NPA ratio improved both YoY and sequentially. From 16.30% in Dec,2019 and 13.79% in Sept. 2020, it came down to 13.25% in Dec. 2020.
  • Net NPA ratio improved further from 5.97% in Dec.2019 and 2.89% in Sept. 2020, it came down to 2.46% in Dec. 2020.
  • Slippage ratio has come down from 2.13% in Dec.2019 to 0.14% in Dec.2020.
  • Provision Coverage Ratio (PCR), which was 77.15% in Dec.2019 and touched 87.91% in Sept. 2020 moved up further to 89.32% in Dec.2020.


  • Net Profit jumped by 412% YoY, from Rs.106 Crores in Q3FY20 to Rs. 541 Crores in Q3FY21.
  • Operating Profit stood at Rs.2,836 Crores in Q3FY21 against Rs. 4,135 Crores in Q3FY20.
  • Non-Interest Income stood at Rs.2,068 Crores for Q3FY21 against Rs. 2,503 Crores in Q3FY20.
  • Net Interest Income of the Bank stood at Rs. 3,740 Crores in Q3FY21 against Rs. 4,118 Crores in Q3FY20.


  • The Capital Adequacy Ratio stood at 12.51% in Dec. 2020 against CRAR of 12.80% in Sept.2020. The CET-1 and Tier-1 stood at 9.44%. The Bank raised Rs.750 crore Basel-III compliant AT-1 bonds in January,2021.
  • The Risk Weighted Assets declined by 0.49%, from Rs.3,02,849 crore in Dec.2019 to Rs. 3,01,350 crore in Dec.2020.


  • Global Return on Assets (RoA) increased by 22 bps YoY to 0.28% in Q3FY21 from 0.06% in Q3FY20.
  • Global Net Interest Margin (NIM) fell marginally by 8bps from 2.66% in Q2FY21 to 2.58% in Q3FY21. Domestic NIM stood at 2.81% in Q3FY21 compared to 2.88% during Q2FY21.
  • Cost of Deposits (global) declined from 4.58% during Q3FY20 to 4.03% in Q3FY21. Domestic cost of deposits also moved down from 5.08% to 4.48% during the same period.
  • Cost-to-income Ratio (global) increased to 51.17% in Q3FY21 from 45.91% in Q2FY21 due to increase in wage bill and provisions towards Pension and Gratuity.
  • Credit Cost (global) came down from 4.50% in Q3FY20 and 2.33% in Q2FY21 to 0.68%in Q3FY21.
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