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Are you worried about your future: Know your Annual Prediction

Aries: You are always in charge of your life, but there are times when you have more confidence to take action and are more effective, this is one of those periods. This is an excellent time to talk through any difference of opinion you have with your partner. Middle of the year is the ideal time for buying shifting or renovating your house. You’re making important decisions, feeling independent and energized you are more practical and rational in your approach to finances during this period. Businessmen will see unexpected growth in their trade during the middle of the year. You will see some exciting moments in love. Healthwise stars are supportive.

Taurus:It is time to decide what you want ,professional opportunities will come unexpectedly;and with hard work you will be able to achieve your targets .It is essential that you find equilibrium between personal and emotional issues.This yearyou  will have enough moneyto spend and clear existing loans.You can invest in property.You should have faith in your love mate and idle gossip should not affect your love compatibility.Beware of ego conflicts,rashness and ill can experience lack of energy which could be due to emotional stress ,so take up some hobby or a  physical activity.

Gemini:This is a year of ambition and growth .You will not let anything get in your way of success .Time is good for ,if you are thinking of starting a new venture .It might be your good or bad karma but you will be responsible for your own actions.Monetary situation is encouraging planetary transits are favouring romance ,there will be immense happiness in love relationships,avoid spending too much on extravagances and luxuries.Do’nt depend too much on friends for support and help .Do not let negative thoughts enter your mind.You will get full support from family and friends .Health will need care.Be regular with your health check ups.Your artistic and creative energies will be at their best.

Cancer: This year will bring in major changes which will affect you overall aspects of your life, like career relationship and spirituality .career issues will dominate over family issues, though there will be harmony in the house. You will be determined and flexible therefore you will accomplish most of your tasks. You’ll have repeat clients and financial profits from them. Married couples may feel their relationship is growing stale, make efforts to cement the loving bonds. Overall health will be good. Your habits of thinking too much can lead to stress, so stay calm and take good rest and proper sleep.

Leo:Leo’s will see important changes when it comes to family and domestic affairs,repairs and renovations in your  residence are likely on the personal front your attitude towards family members should be examined and corrected .Office environment will be pleasant .Relation with spouse /lover will be harmonious and existing problems will be resolved .Health is good with you will have plenty of vitality.Dont borrow money to invest,though you will be concerned about your financial condition and will make an effort to strengthen it.

Virgo:There will be radical changes around you and you will be engrossed in these changes.New elements will come to the fore in your work environment .Money will begin to pour from many sources.You will tend to be extravagant in your spending.strike a equilibrium between idealism and common sense.Your spouse will be helpful in your financial planning .Time to pay off old loans .Compatibility between couples will be excellent,also in early 2016 if you plan to propose go ahead.

Libra:Librans may have to seek the supportof others and make necessary compromise in all matters.This will be the way to success during the year.Money situation will be powerful,earnings will come through social contracts.Your desicions in matters of love may not be accurate and might lead to tensions.Health will be fine ,improve your emotional health by discarding negative beliefs.An old flame or romantic interest will re-enter your life. There will be many romantic moments which can strengthen your bond with your partner.

Scorpion:There will be redeeming oppurtunities coming your way but you need to be flexible.Family and emotional feelings will be very important to you.try to suppress your tendency to be stubborn and independent .Promotions and organizational changes are predicted.Dont get carried away by success or depressed by setbacks maintain your will be committed toyour soulmate,try not be dominating.Health and energy will be upbeat.

Saggitarius:Your confidence will  increase and you shall be more cheerful and creative ,you will be more generous understanding and more tolerant .A good year in store for business men ,your ambitiousness shall drive you to work hard .Life shall be very hectic and demanding.Relations with siblings and relative will improve .Be careful about unhealthy eating habbits .Be ready to take chance in love .Trust your instinct about whom to trust.

Capricon:This is the YEAR for enjoying the fruits of your success in life .This is a  time for being flexible and adapting yourself to the world around you.You will have busy schedule at work place .Family members and social contacts will help you , in your pursuits of financial  goals.Romantically first half of the year  will be a fantastic .Healthwise your present fitness routine will be beneficial.Get adequate rest and meditate.Reduece stress by taking regular breaks.

Aquarius: 2016 is a good year for Aquarians to pursue their hobbies which may have long forgotten.If you are into fine arts ,you will be more innoviative.Be organised and methodical.There will be chances of job change ,go ahead it will be favourable.Speculative investment will become profitable .later half of the year is favourable to get into love relationships.Many opportunities to get-together and celebrate will happen in family circle .Make changes in your fitness regime  and diet plans for better health result.

Pisces:Your determination and aggression will help you to accomplish your targets .Decide what you want and take necessary action.If the situation is against,you change the situationand it will be your’s all the way.You will have tostruggle hard to generate earnings .Family expenses will be a drag.If you are in a long distance relationship you will have to work hard .Do not let your mood spoil the quality of your life.You will have great equation with your beloved.There is travel for leisure and fun at the end of the year.

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