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Are you not feeling healthy and energetic even after detoxification? Then, these Tips are for You!

According to a survey conducted by American National Safety Council, about 43% percent of workforce, feel tired in most of the weekdays. With such kind of mind-boggling figures in the picture it is ought to be important that we should start evaluating our lifestyle patterns and how we are heading.

Most people build up on a perception that following a certain regime in day to day basis can actually detoxify the body and bring back the energy. But, it may go haywire as well. So it is pertinent to understand what suits best for your body.

Detoxification for most of the cases to attain a healthy lifestyle is a great option. It helps to reduce body weight, helps in resting your organs by fasting, improves circulation, provides body to eliminate toxin through feces, sweat and urine and also provide body with healthy nutrient.

But, a report by The British Dietetic Association Ltd. Gives us critical evidence how detoxification is not always a success. The study suggested that most detox are liver detoxification and they are meant to be for short term benefits. It also argues that the diets before being released in the market was performed in animals and there was no randomized controlled trials. So before selecting any detox programme one should access its effectiveness.

While, when people want detoxification from the substance abuse to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is always necessary to try such diets with recommendation of a specialist. Attempts of detoxification from drugs and alcohol can be unpleasant or even dangerous in some cases. One may encounter typical withdrawal symptoms like excessive sweating, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, tremors and anxiety.

These gives us fair idea that if detoxification when goes wrong can be more toxic to your health. Following these tips that can help you to get your energy back are:

  • Detoxification through proper assistance,
  • Adding herbal diets to the schedule, since these have zero side-effects,
  • Ayurvedic Consultation and adaptation
  • Using of plant based products
  • Natural remedies
  • Exercise is the best possible thing
  • Diets recommended only by Nutritionist based on your body demands.

Adopting these good habits can always help your body with the energy so that you can enjoy working with great zeal. Healurbody is one such platform that would help you to understand your body’s demand and provide natural remedies to get energy and lead a healthy life.

By Rajat Trehan Clinical Nutritionist & Dietitian(Health & Wellness Consultant)

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