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Aqua Rejuvenation for Irrigation Unit– comprehensively treats Waste Water

Aqua Rejuvenation for Irrigation Unit-- comprehensively treats Waste Water 1

PURPOSE OF THIS TECHNOLOGY: It has been observed that most old Drainage systems are choked and have Improper Sanitation Infrastructure such as cracks in the Drain Surfaces. This Sewage Water seeps down through the cracks and contaminates the soil and ground water. In a recent study, it was observed that untreated sewage water is rampantly being used for agriculture, against NGT protocols, which may have adverse health consequences. Recent studies also revealed that the Coronavirus can thrive in Waste Water for over a month.

The effluents in household water discharge includes: organoleptic water pollutants such as colour, odour, pH, turbidity, TSS, TDS, oil & grease etc. along with some undesirable toxic compounds, and bacteriological components (E. Coli, Total Coliform etc.).  To remove the water contaminants & to purify the sewage water ,CSIR-CMERI developed innovative  technology in combination with chemical & physical processes  such as i) mechanical segregation & filtration, ii) coagulation-flocculation techniques and iii) chemical/physical adsorption.

Aqua Rejuvenation Plant (ARP) comprehensively treats Waste Water, based upon diverse purification parameters. The approx. 24,000 litres of Water that can be rejuvenated using ARP, will be sufficient for almost 4 acres of Agricultural Land (barring seasonal variations in water requirements). The CSIR-CMERI developed technology is capable of removing all pollutants from sewage (below W.H.O recommended level) and based upon geographical variations they may be modified. The filter media is also locally source-able so as to ensure that there would not be any stress in the supply chain for scaled-up manufacturing of ARP.

CSIR-CMERI has recently transferred four indigenously developed Water Purification Technologies to three prominent MSMEs engaged in the Water Purification domain. The MSME partners hailed the indigenously developed Water Purification technologies as a major stepping stone towards Self-Reliance and Import-Substitution.

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