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A New-born Baby Boy with Pneumonia Gets A Fresh Lease of Life at Zen Multispecialty Hospital, Chembur Via Crowdfunding

A New-born Baby Boy with Pneumonia Gets A Fresh Lease of Life at Zen Multispecialty Hospital, Chembur Via Crowdfunding 1

A new-born suffering from multiple problem at birth gets a timely treatment at Zen Multispeciality Hospital Chembur through crowdfunding. The baby had a delayed cry after birth, and had problems related to having a passed stool before birth which caused pneumonia. He developed breathing problems and needed immediate NICU care. Now, the baby boy has been discharged and is fine 

Vikas Faltankar, a resident of Govandi, and his wife’s Ashwini were blessed with a baby boy on April 22, at a hospital located in Shivajinagar. Unfortunately, the baby had breathing difficulty and was the critical needed ventilator. The doctors immediately advised shifting the baby at some other hospital having the facility of a ventilator.

Baby’s father Vikas Faltankar said, “I took the baby to various hospitals immediately after his birth on 22nd April 2020 but they couldn’t admit my baby as there were no ventilator facilities. Fortunately, Zen Hospital came to our rescue and admitted the baby. But I had only 40,000 with me and needed more money for the treatment of my baby. I had appealed on social media for helping my baby. After this, Shivraj Pandit of Chembur Welfare Brigade and the citizens of Chembur raised funds for the treatment of my baby. Also, Zen Hospital and Drs consider concession for treatment.”

Dr Kavita Gohil, Consultant Paediatrician, Zen Multispeciality Hospital Chembur highlighted, “The baby had multiple problems related to Meconium Aspiration Syndrome presenting as pneumonia. The course was complicated by the development of pneumothorax which required a chest tube insertion. He required multiple medications to support his cardiac function in addition to the high ventilatory requirements.”

Dr Rohit Narvekar, Consultant Paediatrician, Zen Multispeciality Hospital, Chembur said, “The Baby required ventilatory support for 9 days after which his condition permitted taking him off the ventilator on 30th April 2020. He was gradually taken off oxygen and started on feed and eventually mother was also trained for breastfeeding.”

The Baby remained in NICU until 7th May 2020 for completion of his treatment and was discharged on 7th May 2020. At the time of discharge, the baby was accepting the mother’s feeds well.

Shivraj Pandit, Convenor, Chembur Welfare Brigade, said, “When Vikas appealed on social media, I got calls from other citizens requesting me to help him. I visited the hospital, met the doctors treating the baby, and decided to help them. The family didn’t have sufficient money.  I appealed to the citizens of Chembur to help Vikas as well as I also did so.  We raised many around 1, 55, 000, and deposited it in the Zen Hospital. He was also given money for his personal expense along with ration kits (that we are providing to the needy people during the pandemic).”

I want to thank the doctors, Shivraj Pandit and all the people who came forward and raised money for my baby” concluded the patient’s father Vikas.

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