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5Must have products to bring home in the New Year for extra comfort and wellness

5Must have products to bring home in the New Year for extra comfort and wellness 1

New Year calls for new beginnings and is celebrated with much fanfare with close friends and family. The past year with newer variants of the corona virus has been touch and forced people to revaluate their priorities with personal and family health taking the top spot. People have become more health conscious and opt for products that are safe and convenient. Additionally, with the WFH staying on for a while more, it has become imperative to have products at home that are reliable, safe and secure.

Here’s a list of products to begin the New Year with great ease, safety and convenience:

Do your dishes better

It is imperative to ensure the hygiene of your plates, cutlery, and glasses. With the appropriate washing hygiene, you can avoid the proliferation of bacteria and potentially harmful micro-organisms. Dishwashers are a great way to avoid this with their superior technology and can guarantee more hygienic results as compared to manual handwashing.  We recommend the Godrej Eon Dishwashers that offers Anti-Germ UV-Ion Technology, Steam wash and Anti-bacterial filters toeliminate bacteria and disinfect dishes thereby ensuring a truly clean wash and lesser time spent doing the dishes!

Keep your food germfree

In the new normal, improved cleaning and disinfectant technologies will supplement health and hygiene. Whether it’s the food you consume or the utensils you use, anti-germ technologies play a vital part in keeping you safe and healthy.Some of the products that rank high on anti-germ technologies are frost-free refrigerators of Godrej Appliances which use Nano Disinfection Technology that keeps the food germ free through special Anti-Germ Nano coating in the airflow duct of the refrigerator.

Add a touch of convenience

Have you ever been tucked into your sofa, binge-watching your favourite TV show, only to be compelled to get up to adjust the fan speed? Isn’t it frustrating? Ceiling fans, like other home appliances, have evolved as the world of technology has changed. The Phantom Ceiling Fan by Goldmedal Electricals comes with a remote control and provides superfast cooling while also enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. This attractive fan also has an LED under-light that can be regulated with the remote control and illuminates in six different colours. Phantom’s remote control will provide users convenience and control. You can effortlessly switch the fan ON/OFF, manage its speed, and select as well as alter the LED light colour and brightness using the remote. A fan is the most basic yet necessary item in any home, and now you can make your life a little simpler by installing this amazing remote-controlled fan.

Let there be light!

The New Year presents a clean slate for choosing a new hobby. If yours involves renovating your home, investing in smart lights and making your home a smart one is a great way to move in that direction. With smart lights, you can create additional security while simultaneously setting the right ambiance for any occasion. Here is a beautiful piece of technology that may truly give your home a high-tech integration. And one such light is Syska’s Smart Wi-Fi 9W Bulb with 16 million colours for every mood that not only enhances your environment but can be conveniently controlled via voice and app control by simply connecting through Wi-Fi. So, if you’re taking a quick trip to the kitchen and forget to turn off the light, you can always ask Amazon Alexa or Google assistant to do it for you.

Your perfect WFH Buddy

For many people who have mostly worked in offices, converting the comfort-focused homes into efficient professional workspace isn’t always easy. With work from home is here to stay for a while, it may be a good idea to invest in an ergonomic chair and work desk that supports different postures throughout the day. Godrej Interio’s ‘Motion Chair’ is based on a unique concept where the product is responsive to the natural postural change needs of the user and enables active sitting and dynamic body movements for overall wellness and efficiency of the user. The 3-Dimensional movement offered by Motion enables users to move more even while seated.

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