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The Life of the Creators In The Digital Space: Influencers Marketing Platform

The Life of the Creators In The Digital Space: Influencers Marketing Platform 1

The Millennium City, Gurugram saw the presence of fashion designers, fashion influencers, fashion bloggers and fashion investors on a common platform on the last day of 9th edition of Asian Designer Week. The Week was organised for the fashion community to showcase their talents in various domains and give them networking opportunities at the business conclave. The evening session ‘Under The Influence’ was powered by ‘Do Your Thng’, an influencers marketing platform, which is a digital innovation brand built on the principle of letting people do what they love to do.

The session was moderated by Mr. Ankit Agarwal, Founder, Do You Thng (DYT), who is a digital marketing professional and has spent over a decade in digital marketing, advertising and social media management in India and U.K. The session had a range of panelists from the bloggers, instagrammers and influencers community who shared their good and bad experiences and also the challenges of working in a creative industry. They opined on how all-consuming and tricky social media is to navigate for creators and the importance of using social media with an intent to avoid the toxicity of it.

The panelists at ‘Under the Influence’ were:

1. Karron Dhinggra, who is a former lawyer turned Instagram blogger and winner of the ‘Leading Fashion Influencer’ Award 2019.

2. Shraddha Gurung , a leading Instagram beauty creator and YouTuber with over 27.5k subscribers.

3. Shambhavi Mishra , an ex-journalist turned ethical blogger who has been one of the trailblazers in the beauty industry and has been creating content since 2008.

4. Ranjoy Dey CEO and founder of Volunteer4India and ex digital head at Havas Media, he specializes in developing socially meaningful initiatives for brands and volunteers alike.

5. Sabika Muzaffar, the former Mirchi 98.3 jock, trained journalist and filmmaker, and the co-founder of ‘Sense of Self’.

Mr. Agarwal, while moderating the panel, said “digital world is a community of supportive people ready to help find your self-expression. It is your intent and how you use the space that defines the outcome”.

With respect to the influencers’ community, he also said, “that when you are continuously in the public eye, it takes a severe psychological toll, especially when social platforms are your

primary source of income. There is enough evidence in #StatusOfMind report of the impact social networks have on influencers to fill a warehouse. The reel life of an influencer looks fancy and happy but the psychological struggles and challenges these influencers face are overwhelming, to say the least”.”An influencer has to be one with a great sense of self-control and motivation. A prudent way to stand out happily in the digital world is a self-conscious decision”, further added, Mr Agarwal.

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