Queen Gaidin Liu (daughter of the mountain) Thirty years Venkaiah Naidu

Today I briefly write about ′′ Rani Gaidin Liu ′′ in the background of the heroes who want to remember the innocent sacrifices, struggle inspiration, and frequent patriotism and often ignore their lives. The story of their life is the inspiration. Especially the youth should know about her.

Daughter of the Mountain (Daughter of Hills) – Queen Gaidin Liu

First a small question
How did your life go at the age of 13, what would you do?
What was your biggest success at the age of 16?
What did you do for 16 years of your youth?

When you think about these things, Gaideen Liu will learn about life and feel thrilling. Because at the age of 13, she is the heroic woman who led the armed revolution against the British. At the age of 16, he was engaged to the British army, after that he spent more than 15 years in jail. Released from jail only after getting independence in 1947 That means her precious time of life was spent in jail.

Rani Gaidin Liu is called by the people of northeast Indian as ′′ Ranamma ′′ with love. They have sprinkled nationalism in their hearts, encouraged them to fight against British rule, and led them to liberation from disruption. ′′ We are all free people… We should not be in the rule of white people ′′
Saying that any work that is done against the British is for freedom only.

Gaideen Liu was born with the neck wrapped in the neck. In that case, their family members performed prayers so that she shouldn’t be flawed, and that she should grow into an extraordinary woman. Most of us know this tradition.

At the age of 13, her teacher, relative Hypou Jadonang, introduced her to the ′′ Harakka ′′ movement. The goal of the religious movement is to unite the people against British atrocities. In 1931, her teacher was proving that she was a capable student in the backdrop of the British hanged, and the Harakka took the leadership of the movement.

Leading at such a young age, motivated people (young women, women) to join their military with an amazing promise, inspired many, and all of them fought guerrilla wars against the British. Her war frightened the British, they announced that she would be a 500-year-old tax cancellation for the entire village if she was caught in those days. But because she is strongly planted by the national inspiration of her, people are more respectful for her. The British forces were investigating every girl Gaideen Liu in the area as part of her search. This is why some people tried to change their name to Gaidin Liu Anna.
Her revolution is more frightened and the British are scared. That’s why special troops are on the field under the supervision of Captain McDonald to catch her. After several failed attempts, she was caught in the village of Pulomi building her wooden fort with a supporter.

Ranamma was only 16 years old then. He was imprisoned for life in 1933 after the trial. After preparing the kingdom for India, that means in 1947 she was freed. I think only ′′ Guideen Liu ′′ is the female freedom fighters who have been sentenced to more than 15 years in jail. She had to spend all her youth in jail.

To make this kind of sacrifice for the country, steel determination is needed.
Me who spent 17 months in prison during emergency imposed in India, I myself know what that experience feels like. I’ve seen in live even men being physically and mentally dumped between the prison walls.

I know very well how difficult it is to spend one and a half decades in detention. It’s not an easy thing.
What can I say other than thanking the whole heartedly for the sacrifices made by Ranamma for the future of all of us.

I believe that the stories of people like this will inspire everyone. That’s why I ask them to add their lives to the textbooks and teach them to the future generations. Efforts should be made to build memorial signs in their hometowns and state capital and at least the youth of those areas should know about them.

As said by poet Sri Tripuraneni Ramaswamy Chowdary….
′′ Many guns and many firms – never come on the way
We have brought heroic smell – let us know who the hero is ′′
It is our duty to pay thanks to the heroes who have sacrificed their lives for the future generations and to pay respect to them.


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