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On World Radio Day know the Adventure by Barsha Chabaria, Station Head, Salaam Namaste

On World Radio Day know the Adventure by Barsha Chabaria, Station Head, Salaam Namaste 1

As a child I was always an avid learner ,School Ranker ,College Ranker. In fact My mother aspired me to be an Academician and my father wanted me to pursue MBA …As a child I was not talkative but  always used to make new words ,Make a funny comment or twist words ,This was what made me included always in the Recitation and Drama participations. I was also a keen learner of languages. Though I had dream of joining Indian Navy at some point of time because representing the nation and contributing to the nation was the most beautiful dream of my life ,But destiny perhaps had some different plans for me.

It would be strange for people to know that the first Radio Set of my life was a small matchbox sized radio which my younger brother and me had managed to buy and got it hidden in a rice tumbler !!![Laughs}

Later it was his birthday where we got a Tape Recoder cum Cassette Player and from there was the start of my over love for Radio

It was an age where people would love radio for Sir Ameen Sayani Jee…and we had very less teachers who could teach you Radio…I remember all of a sudden one day one of my friend,shared that auditions are happening in ALL INDIA RADIO ,Kolkata [was called Calcutta that time ]and I could never say a No to it …Infact this was the kick start …and I remember my first Radio Program was on Women empowerment in an evening based Radio Program called Chayalok .It was again a sudden opportunity to work for an Internet based Radio in Mumbai and hence started a journey from the City Of Joy to the City Of Entertainment !!!!! Dubbings ,Voicing for Cartoon Channels and new wave of Adventure was on and on…and again Suddenly one day in a studio when I was recording for some Regional Advertisement a Production Head of a newly established Commercial Radio heard my voice and offered me to join in Central India …..Whereever the Radio Adventure was ON I never said a YES ….and hence started a journey with Commercial radio …

Having spent 14 years in the field of Radio ,Barsha Chabaria ,who is currently heading Salaam Namaste Community Radio ,shares that Radio in all forms -Commercial or Community Radio  has the power to usher new thoughts ,bring up nascent initiatives on board and talk about things unheard unseen .Community Radio rather has an immense potential and power to touch deep grass root level issues and become a medium of bringing solutions and positive changes.

Where the MIKE  is without fear and

 the VOICE  is held high
Where ACCESS  is free
Where the SOCIETY has not been broken up into fragments
By narrow CONSERVED  walls

Taking inspiration from Guru Rabindranath Tagore’s those famous poetic lines a medium of Communication which brings in ray of hope and the power of Change today is Radio .

When the Radio Talks – Changes Speak !!!!

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