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International Conference on Globalization of Khadi – Khadi Eradicates Differences between rich and poor – Chief Minister

International Conference on Globalization of Khadi - Khadi Eradicates Differences between rich and poor - Chief Minister 1

Honorable Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that Khadi Eradicates Differences between rich and poor, caste and religion. He said that Khadi embodied the principles of truth, non-violence and simplicity of the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. All of us should come forward to promote Khadi and the younger generation should also connect with it.

Gehlot was addressing the inaugural session of the two-day International Conference on Globalization of Khadi at Harishchandra Mathur State Public Training Institute on Thursday. He said that Khadi is not just clothing but a reason for self-respect and dignity. This international conference on Khadi will create interest in the new generation towards Khadi and Khadi will get a new identity. He said that whatever suggestions will come in this two-day conference, the state government will make every effort to implement them.

The Chief Minister said that besides being a major medium of employment for rural areas, Khadi is also a major source of women empowerment. He said that to promote Khadi and Khadi institutions, the state government decided to give 50 percent discount on Khadi garments in Rajasthan, which has shown encouraging results.

Honorable Chief Minister said that the interest of new generation in institutions working in the field of Khadi is a rarity nowadays. Today employment in villages is decreasing and the number of weavers and spinners is also decreasing continuously. In such a situation, state government will try and support with such schemes which will promote employment and increase the number of weavers. It should be our endeavor that the new generation be connected with Khadi. He said that the purpose of Gandhiji’s 150th birth anniversary program, which is organized in the state by October 2, 2020, is that Gandhi’s ideas reach maximum people and the youth to be inspired.

Industry Minister Shri Parsadi Lal Meena said that the Chief Minister has a special affection for Gandhiji and Khadi. This is the first time in the state that 50 percent discount has been given on Khadi textiles. He said that it is the effort of the government is to prepare new weavers and spinners to make new generation understand the importance of Khadi.

Chief Secretary Shri DB Gupta said that Khadi’s relationship is connected with our history and traditions. Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, made Khadi and independence complement each other. In order to promote Khadi, we must adapt khadi so that it can compete with latest fashion clothing.

Additional Chief Secretary Industries Shri Subodh Agrawal said that to promote Khadi, the state government has increased the revolving fund from Rs 3 crore to Rs 10 crore. Khadi Plaza is being constructed at Bikaner. Also, efforts are being made to use online companies’ platforms for branding and marketing of Khadi.  Our effort is to reach at the grass-root level and encourage the spinners and artisans. The transformative Amber Charkha produces eight strings to produce maximum with minimum efforts as compared to one string by traditional Charkha. Under the Management Development Assistance (MDA) scheme, organisations which promote spinners, artisans and workers, will be rewarded with additional benefits.

Former chairman of the Khadi and Village Industries Commission, Mr. Laxmidas said that Khadi’s position is like the Sun in the constellation of 14 creative works of Gandhiji. Member, non-executive board member of Khadi CIC, London, Jo Salter said people often want to know who prepares the clothes they wear. Our effort is to promote those who make Khadi clothes.  Shalini Seth Amin, founder of Moral Fiber Fabrics, said that Khadi fabrics promote environment protection. Today, we need to increase the production of Khadi.

Chairman of Gram Bharti Samiti, Mr. Bhavani Shankar Kusum said that the tradition of cotton cloth is coming from the time of Indus civilization. Gandhiji gave Khadi a new dimension and today it has reached the international stage. Renowned fashion designer Ritu Beri said that Khadi is making a mark as a global fabric. It is a symbol of social equality.

Giving a welcome address, CII Rajasthan’s Chairman Mr. Anand Mishra said that to recognize Khadi internationally, work must also be done on enhancing its quality along with production capacity.

On this occasion, the Chief Minister also inaugurated website of Khadi CIC London. Convenor of the conference Shri GS Bafna proposed a vote of thanks. The event was attended by eminent personalities, designers, weavers associated with Khadi institutions and weavers and other dignitaries including spinners.

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