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How Medical Clinics are providing high-quality medical services to people working in remote regions

How Medical Clinics are providing high-quality medical services to people working in remote regions 1

Often businesses have to carry out projects in very remote and secluded regions. The location could be really challenging for professional deployment due to its remoteness from the nearest city or hospital and extreme geological conditions including landslides, monsoon floods and extreme wildlife. The lack of proper infrastructure can also add to the challenges of providing proper care to employees who are deployed at the site. 
Overcoming the challenge
 – In order to ensure to provide proper care for the employees deployed onsite, International SOS flawlessly develops and implements a robust medical and emergency response plan to care for the employees on site such as engineers, geologists, contractors or construction workers, etc. Based on the kind of the region, International SOS does a Site Health Review and goes ahead and deploys a portable clinic, complete with Advanced Life Saving equipment and medical personnel who would be available to the site staff on a 24×7 basis. In addition to the International SOS personnel being available to the site staff for medical consultation, the staff also has access to medical personnel for advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. .
The comprehensive plan for medical support through five main components:

1. Ensuring that all international assignees, employees and contractors are medically fit for work and had appropriate inoculations through our medical screening and vaccination programmes at the project site.

2. Establishing remote site occupational health clinic with an emergency container clinic stocked with emergency drugs, oxygen, advanced life support equipment, defibrillator, Cardiac Monitor, Ventilator and stretchers, and travelling camps with Emergency Medical Response Equipment.

3. Appointing appropriate medical personnel, including an English speaking ALS certified doctor skilled in remote and emergency medicine, and nurses selected for their technical skills with the right mindset to work in the harsh environment.

4. Developing customised evacuation response plan, coordinated through our India Assistance Centre, with a pre-determined approval process, points of contact, air ambulance/ helicopter providers, and an agreed communications process with the company.

5. Drive awareness among employees to avoid preventable illness or injuries related to work conditions, improve the management of health issues within an occupational environment, provide easy access to medical and health services and ensure legislative compliance and meet stringent industry standards.

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