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Heartfulness Institute to set up ‘PV Sindhu Badminton Academy and Stadium’ in Chennai

Heartfulness Institute to set up ‘PV Sindhu Badminton Academy and Stadium’ in Chennai 1

With the laying of the foundation stone by Ace Badminton player Ms.P.V Sindhu, Heartfulness Institute unveiled its plans of setting up a State or Art Badminton facility, which will be named as PV Sindhu Badminton Academy and Stadium. The upcoming facility is expected to be ready in the next 18-24 months and will be a landmark that matches the best in the world.

The facility will be located at Omega International school, Kolapakkam Chennai and is open to students from the school as well as those interested in pursuing badminton as a sport. The academy will have over eight  courts that will be built with the best of the materials comparable to courts that host Olympics and world championships, and a viewing gallery to seat 1000 plus audience , a gym and physio centre and most importantly an area marked for practising meditation and yoga.

Commenting on the development,Kamlesh Patel also called as Daaji, The Guide of Heartfulness said,as Heartfulness continues to touch increasing number of people each day we get to hear real life stories on how transformational the impact of Heartfulness is on each one’s ability to enhance their quality of lives, skills and wellness. Hearing PV Sindhu’s experience of how the practise of Heartfulness elevated her game motivated us to think in the direction of setting up this academy. Not only will this encourage and grow the talent in the sports but those interested in pursuing the sport will get the Heartfulness edge.”

Commenting on the occasion Ms. PV Sindhu said,“I am honoured to have this facility named after me. Pursuing a sport is much needed for all round development of an individual. At competitive levels it is very challenging, and sportspersons need to remain fit not just physically but also emotionally and mentally. It’s not enough to be able to regain the centre in the court after every shot, but it’s more important to remain centred in the mind irrespective of what is happening around. This is the real game changer. The experience of Heartfulness meditation over last one year has brought a tremendous difference to my abilities to remain focused in the moment.”

PV Sindhu embraced Heartfulness with the encouragement of her grandmother since last year and has been regularly practising meditation. She thanked Daaji for his support and blessing and said that her believe and practise of Heartfulness meditation has helped her become mentally stronger and calmer and that everyone should also practise regularly in her recent address to the 30000 strong audience at the 75th anniversary of Heartfulness Institute and inaugural of the World’s Largest Meditation Centre at Kanha Shantivanam in Hyderabad.

As the global headquarters of Heartfulness Institute, Kanha Shantivanam is attracting lakhs of practitioners across the globe each year and has recently seen the visits of President of  India and Baba Ramdev and over  1.20 lakh visitors over a period  of Jan 28th to Feb 9th 2020 as part of the 75th year celebrations.The 1400-acre pristine Kanha Shantivanam along with Iconic meditation centre has evolved into an epicentre for human transformation. This once barren, rocky, dry and drought prone area is today a green oasis with half million trees, many of which are rare and red-listed, nurtured to create a microclimate in the region. It is a completely self-sufficient and sustainable ecosystem designed for highest quality of habitation be it human, flora or fauna.

Sport of Badminton Gets a Boost

The badminton centre will have a host of world class trainers to train the players these include badminton coaches such as PV Sindhu, physical endurance and health trainers, Heartfulness meditation and yoga experts who will help deal with and strengthen the emotional and mental aspects of the player to help with peak performance.

“The sport of badminton will get a tremendous boost and encouragement with this facility that will not only train players but has plans to bring in national and international tournaments”,PV Sindhu added.

Various studies have shown that Heartfulness meditation helps practitioners with in improvement of sleep, empathy, gratitude, motivation levels, remain calm and focused, better decision making amongst other attributes that contribute to improving our overall quality of life and  creating a better impact with our efforts.

Various sportspersons have endorsed the positive impact of meditation on their ability perform in the game they pursue. Recently ‘Hitman’ Rohit Sharma embraced Heartfulness and during his visit to the global headquarters of Heartfulness and  laid the foundation stone for an International Cricket stadium that is named after him.

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