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YES BANK partners VISA to introduces new line of E-series Debit cards

YES BANK partners VISA to introduces new line of E-series Debit cards 1

YES BANK announced its partnership with VISA as a payment processor to enhance payments efficiency for salaried and YES FIRST account holders.

This is aligned with YES BANK’s unceasing efforts to offer its customers more practicality, speed and choice for cashless transactions. So far, YES BANK debit cards have existed on Mastercard and RuPay platforms, but with the new launch, customers can get VISA-branded debit cards as well.

The Bank also introduced a new line of vertical Debit cards under the E-series across Mastercard and VISA cards. Laid out vertically to reflect the upright use of cards today, responding to customer behavior wherein cards are inserted lengthwise – whether being slotted into ATMs, POS terminals, for contactless payments or simply tucked into wallet compartments – the E-series debit cards with enhanced features provide a more seamless and consistent experience to consumers. Additionally, with the new design, the card number and CVV details have been discreetly placed at the back, thereby improving security by making it less easy to capture these details while using it at ATMs or POS terminals.

The E-series, conceived to enrich the customer journey, is not only built in with upgrades as card holders deepen their relationship with the Bank, but it also offers a measure of choice to consumers to become eligible for a higher card variant, for a fee.

Customers can opt for the Element, Engage or Explore cardswhen they first come onboard, depending on theirbanking preferences, choosing later to upgrade to Enhance or Elevate, eventually moving up the series to the coveted Emerge or Eclectic cards.

The benefits bundled with each card range from the elementary – such as reward points for minimum spends and airport lounge access – to the exclusive – golfing access and emergency card-blocking option with a single phone call or SMS. Some of these features are currently offered to members of YES BANK’s banking programs, YES Premia and YES FIRST.

Speaking on the development, Anita Pai, Chief Operating Officer, YES BANK, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with VISA for enhancing user experience. The upgrade is part of the Bank’s vision to offer payment solutions that not only bring the world’s best payments experience, but also a step towards India’s cashless transformation. The E-series is yet another endeavour by YES BANK towards enabling wider access to secure and convenient payment services.”

Commenting on the design, Jasneet Bachal, Chief Marketing Officer, YES BANK, said, “The new cards offer elegance, heightened convenience with clean and crisply designed vertical cards – a conversation piece that reflects how we actually use cards, responsive to technological and usage shifts. This blend of intuitive design and functionality is intended to build greater consumer affinity with the card and drive meaningful engagement.”

The E-series encourages card users to engage more with the Bank and consequently become entitled to experience a slice of YES BANK’s privileged banking offerings, without separately applying to be part of them.

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