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World Environment Day: Saving the planet one byte as a time

World Environment Day: Saving the planet one byte as a time 1

“The pandemic has been a wake-up call for us to examine our actions with the lens of sustainability and mindfulness. While we are making great strides in digital advancements, we also need to be conscious of our efforts in the reduction of greenhouse gases and overall carbon footprint.

At Commvault, we recognize that responsible production and consumption extend beyond physical realms, into the digital world. We are working with our partners and customers to increase the responsible management of data and reduce the environmental impact from data storage, mobility to the use of data. With initiatives such as, South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC) and United Nation’s Business Avengers, we also continue to establish, foster, and evangelize best practices in data management, helping companies use data to think ‘green’.

This Environment Day, let’s reinforce our commitment to responsibly manage the social, environmental and economic effects of our business. Businesses must embrace sustainability not just as a regulatory requirement, but as a business driver for a Healthier and Greener Future for ALL.”

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