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Workplace from Facebook ratchets up its user experience notch with latest updates

Workplace from Facebook ratchets up its user experience notch with latest updates 1

Workplace from Facebook is taking up the user experience level a notch higher with a slew of latest updates.  This way, Workplace has kept its commitment to updating and introducing varied employee engagement tool kits on a monthly basis, while being focused on enhancing performance and improving the overall user experience. Whether it is Shift Cover, Knowledge Library updates or Live interactive training sessions, the core idea remains towards faster, better and collaborative approach while using Workplace.

Shift Cover made easy

Workplace has made it easier than ever for frontline workers to find coverage and request to cover their coworkers’ shifts in Workplace. Shift Cover posts provide an easy-to-use template for shift coverage requests, and ensure frontline managers have visibility and final approval on requests made in their group. Any employee looking for Shift Cover requests can find them in the new Shifts tab in the group. Shift Cover posts provide a clear template and the ability to nominate anyone in a group as shift supervisor to approve or decline cover offers. You’ll be able to see all available shifts within a group in a new shifts tab.

Get real-time updates on Knowledge Library

Workplace has added the option to subscribe to any Knowledge Library categories or subcategories to receive regular updates on edits, comments and reactions. When editors make a change to Knowledge Library content, they can decide if an update is important enough to send out notifications to subscribers. The ability to subscribe to notifications will be available to everyone by the end of November.

Live interactive training

Live interactive training sessions are aimed at imparting learning strategies for communicating effectively in Workplace. For instance, in the Advanced Theories of Postology session, you would learn about the different post types, when to use them, what you should be posting about and how to make sure your posts stand out.

In the 60-minute session titled Be the Best Boss They’ve Ever Had, you’ll learn the best practices for running your team or department using Workplace. The session covers everything from managing one-on-one relationships with your direct reports to building relationships with external stakeholders.

New self-paced courses

The recently released five new self-paced courses are aimed to help everyone in their organization work smarter in Workplace. For example, a few ew courses include: Group Mastery 101: Learn how to leverage Workplace group features to collaborate and connect with your colleagues, Your Posting Arsenal: Discover different post types and how to use them for recognition, engagement and more, The Art of the Post: Learn Workplace posting best practices, Create the Best Team Group Ever: Find out about Workplace group features that help you manage your team and Manage Your Team Like a Boss: Get best practices for team management and collaboration in Workplace.

The Culture Carrier Toolkit

Culture Carriers are people who embody your company’s values and shape your shared culture. It could be anyone, from the boardroom to the shop floor who has the energy and influence to drive cultural change. This toolkit includes a guide to help you identify and empower your Culture Carriers, as well as a set of downloadable materials to help you recognize them publicly in an internal campaign. 

Profile frames for Black Lives Matter 

Workplace is introducing new Black Lives Matter profile frames. These profile frames can be overlaid on an individual’s existing profile picture. This feature is only available to Workplaces that opt-in and is optional for individuals to use. If you would like to use these profile frames on your Workplace, select “Manage Early Access”.

According to Abhijit Sonagara, Founder of 
Adosphere, Workplace from Facebook Partner, “The latest updates are in addition to the new features which are aimed at better user access. The website and the application are being made significantly faster, making it easier to find things to get work done, and to connect with employees. Workplace From Facebook remains committed to enhancing the overall user experience and will keep introducing newer features with each passing month. This is just the beginning. So, stay tuned for more.”

Early in October 2020, Workplace had introduced several new functionalities and features, including Dark Mode (website and Chat iOS app), Full Width Mode (website only), better post creation experience (website only), faster navigation (website and Chat iOS app) and accessibility functionality, to list just a few.

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