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WishADish, a One-Stop Restaurant Solution To Invest Rs 12 Lakh for their Regional Expansion

WishADish, a One-Stop Restaurant Solution To Invest Rs 12 Lakh for their Regional Expansion 1

WishADish, a one-stop management solution for restaurants & a tech startup today announced that the company will be expanding to tier 2 & 3 cities thus investing Rs 12 lakh for their regional expansion. Catering to small, fast-casual & QSRs, WishADish is targeting states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar & Jharkhand in the first phase & adding 10 more cities of India by the end of December.  The company has already tied up with cafes, QSRs such as Rolla Rappa, Golden flavour, Gargee grand, NH30 in Lucknow & Patna thus automating the entire restaurant processes using new-age technologies & providing a great experience to the customers.

According to Sawan Kumar – Co-founder of WishADish, “With our regional expansion, we aim to capture sustainable market share of more than 30 per cent. We aim to add more than 120 outlets in Lucknow & Patna by the end of this year. We are already working with small outlets, takeaways & QSRs in Lucknow & Patna who are using data which provides them insights about their customer taste, generate instant and local references.

Most of these small outlets in Lucknow, Patna were implementing the manual process in specific task such as delivery, billing, commissions, customer loyalty program, dependent on paper & pen for taking orders which took time regularly with long waiting time.  The automation we bought in these outlets can be used without internet connection in handling hassle-free billing, user-friendly interface, easy process of table number, items ordered and its quantity, inventory management, using tablets for orders using restaurant application which is integrated with the dashboard. It also helps the owner in tracking restaurant’s performance such as most ordered dishes, most profitable dish, sales trends to focus on weakness areas & forecast increasing revenue.

About WishADish:

WishADish, a unit of BBSJ Management Services Pvt Limited, is a one-stop management solution for restaurants that includes cloud-based POS billing, inventory management, CRM, third-party management and marketing management.

Bhavya Bhambani & Sawan Kumar, the young entrepreneurs under the guidance of highly experienced mentors, launched WishADish in August 2019 and within one month they sold their first unit. In the next two months, WishADish successfully impressed 30+ restaurants in 7 states in India including Rajasthan, Bihar & Delhi-NCR.

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