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Will Detective Boomrah unravel the truth stuck between life and death?

Will Detective Boomrah unravel the truth stuck between life and death? 1

Discovering the truth between the realities of life and death can at times lead us to a mere illusion, which could be farfetched from the truth. Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai’s latest mystery thriller short story ‘The Missing Hour’ is one such story of ascertaining the truth, stuck somewhere between the events of life and its end. The protagonist of the story is Surabhi, a woman from an affluent family who claims that she has been encountering some unusual happenings for the past one month.

Each morning, Surabhi wakes up to find all doors of her bungalow wide open, a dead animal under her bed and a piece of paper with something scribbled in her own handwriting under her pillow. She further claims that she wakes up in the wee hours each day around 2 am, but does not remember what happens thereafter. What’s even more shocking is that there’s a series of people being charred to death outside her house.

Detective Boomrah begins the hunt for the truth at a mortuary, looking for a corpse sporting a blue sapphire gemstone. But when he comes across the corpse, he discovers that there is ring mark on the charred finger, but the ring is missing. Unable to find any clue, Boomrah, his assistant Sam and aide Dr Shekhawat decide to spend a night at Surabhi’s bungalow, and what unfolds is an unforeseen and frightening sequence of events.

Where did the ring go missing from a corpse in a mortuary? What was unusual about Surabhi that spooked Sam during their conversation? What transpired on the night when Detective Boomrah decided to stay over at Surabhi’s bungalow? To find out, listen to the complete story.

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