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Vestige reiterates its commitment to women empowerment under its initiative: ‘Let’s Talk. Period.’

Vestige reiterates its commitment to women empowerment under its initiative: 'Let's Talk. Period.' 1

To enable dialogue around women’s issues, Vestige, India’s only home-grown direct selling company to feature in the top 30 companies of the world in the DSN Global 100 Awards list, with a vast portfolio in health, wellness and hygiene products, announced a year-long campaign called ‘Let’s Talk. Period’.

The ‘Let’s Talk. Period’ campaign was launched on the occasion of the International Women’s Day celebrations on March 8th2021. In its next phase, the campaign is going to take a leap forward to bring more women within its ambit. Through this initiative, Vestige is connecting with its women distributors on a single platform so that they share their success stories on how they have overcome challenges to pursue their dreams. This year-long campaign will commemorate this powerful theme on the 8th of each month. It will include multiple topics such as skilling for entrepreneurship, health and wellness, parenting, financial education and many more to help empower the Vestige women distributors across the country.

Currently in its second month, a special session will be held on April 8th 2021. This initiative will be centered on building a dialogue and awareness around women’s health, hygiene and overall wellness, keeping in line with the World Health Day.  Vestige is roping in experts and nutritionists for an interesting and engaging programme.

Earlier, the initiative was launched with great gusto with the first session held on March 8th 2021 with an interactive talk on ‘Beating All Odds’ by Padma Shree, Khel Ratna and Arjuna Awardee, Deepa Malik. The session highlighted her remarkable journey and she spoke extensively around the importance of economic independence for women. The key highlights of the session were the Star Women Distributors of Vestige, who shared inspiring journeys of their life and empowerment through Vestige.

As per a recent report by the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA), women play a great role in driving India’s direct selling industry’s growth. An estimated 53% of Indian direct sellers are female entrepreneurs. Women actively engage in the $1.5 billion (Rs 98.5 billion) industry in the country, selling a wide range of products. The ‘Let’s Talk. Period’ initiative is a continued commitment from Vestige that aims to empower and enable entrepreneurship in women and utilise their innate talents to expand the direct selling industry. With a robust business model of equal opportunity, Vestige has enabled many women to join its network and become financially independent.

Highlighting the crucial role women play in India’s direct selling industry’s growth, Gautam Bali, Managing Director of Vestige Marketing Pvt Ltd, said: “We are humbled that so many women have chosen Vestige as their platform to attain economic independence and empowerment. We are committed to providing them with the best opportunities for growth. We aim to bring the benefits and empowering nature of the direct selling model to more women across and, this endeavor, ‘Let’s Talk. Period’, will be a pioneering campaign. It is aimed at promoting and encouraging conversations that otherwise do not happen. We are encouraging men and women to jointly build an environment of gender equality and equal opportunity through this campaign.”

Enhancing women’s inclusion and growth in the direct selling industry are being driven by key factors like working hour flexibility, the ability to take control of work-life balance, financial security and low operational costs. Their presence in the sector is fast translating into aspirational entrepreneurship, giving wings to the much-coveted dream of financial independence for Indian women. India is well on its way to catch up with the developed countries by tapping into its latent female talent pool, and Vestige is striving to create women entrepreneurs across India.

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