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Abstract:-As much of the world continues to shatter; Indian tribal artists, art directors, painters, and illustrators are sending the message of hope and despair by reimagining a new and dystopian reality. Those states and countries slowly easing restrictions are heading out into a world adorned with new art. Artisans in India seek shelter in place by taking over social media spaces during the pandemic, by using their art forms to express the duality of Mother Nature, support, and demure dissent.  So let’s compose and dive in their current world view through their canvas.

“Until you dig a hole for Life by your hand” – Choti Tekam

Choti Tekam is an individual artist from Kotra Sulatanabad, Bhopal. Her work is based on folklore, tribal customs of her Gondi Tribe. Her painting “Until you dig a hole for Life by your hand” symbolizes the seed of invisible living spirits living under the trees. But, in reality, what we perceive through our eyes, we call it life. The legendary creature Nāga or Nāgī semi-divine race of half-human half-serpent beings that reside in the nether world ‘Pātāla’ – the co-existing ‘realm of the universe’.
Her work has been showcased at India’s one of the greatest museums ‘Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya’. She started reflecting on her artist and cultural palette in the year 2003. With respect her work of art, and looking at the current worldwide situation she said, “Through love, Gondi artists have been holding a palette of Indian colors to reveal a new rainbow world, according to our Gondi belief, all things are inhabited by a spirit, and consequently are a sacred being. Gondi paintings are the true reflection of man’s close connection with his natural surroundings.” In end, she said my idea about rehabilitating the dying art through my community Caravan Indie is just a small effort, just like my name Choti. But, my community dreams are big to bring – Global unity among the Global Tribe” and urge to the aesthete, bid to buy their work through her community.

“The Captor is now the Captive.” Rohan More- JWT Mumbai:-This modern visual artist has been making art for the past five years and his breakthrough moment was with the series ‘Vilayti Shauk’, a tongue-in-cheek take on hype culture. This piece of artwork ironically symbolizes nature and the current state of lockdown in India. As humans, I often think we’re beings of subjugation, and evil of oppression.  But, while working on this piece I thought within under the 30 days of captivity we feel depressed.

In January, there was an astonishing fact came of about Australian feral camels declared to be a pest, and around 2012, Australia was culling down about 75,000 camels every year. Why always animals bear the brunt of that fate? Now, when we are confined to our homes, the earth finally has ‘space to breathe’ and animals are hopefully getting a break from relentless human activity. The irony that More wanted to communicate through his artwork: that, for once, “The Captor is now the Captive.”

Tara Anand, Mumbai/ NewyorkAnand is a Mumbai-based illustrator who is currently pursuing a BFA in illustration at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. This artwork is part of her ongoing project where she is drawing her friends and family every time they Face time her over the live stream or social media platforms and she is on her quest to persist to keep this up until she can see them in person.

Her work of art is mostly revolving around people around her (particularly women). She mostly works on gouache which is more opaque than watercolor and inks. She has worked with one of the most prestigious magazine’s Verve India and Harper bazaar India. With respect to her ongoing project, she said, “This is an attempt to record what will be my only point of contact with people outside of my house for a while, and to see how our interactions evolve and adapt to the situation.”

It’s a WrapIn times like this creativity can help us deal with and overcome a crisis. I personally believe, “Creativity is just an epiphany or great revelation or realization of oneself “. I think this ongoing lockdown has given us time to think over upon ourselves and the things around us.  

Written by Ratnesh Umashankar Maurya (PR Specialist and Freelance writer)

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