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Toxic Habits that you should avoid that brings Your Body Energy Low!

Our body has embedded properties to cleanse itself. The biological system if it functions in a rhythmic way will keep us in pink of our health. But, nowadays the course of our life has certain limits and we usually get struck into cobweb of the responsibilities and other maladies that hinders our biological system to function in the defined way. This culminates disorders in our body.

In the present scenario wherein we have to keep in pace with modern living and its protocols we tend to get ingrained into certain afflictions that degrades our body energy. So, while keeping pace with the hustle and bustle of the city life we should keep in check few toxic habits that can bring down our endurance.

#Substance Abuse: With the changing lifestyles cities have seen an increase in users of addictive substances. About 28.6% of India’s population consumes tobacco claims Global Adult Tobacco Survey (GATS-2). Also, tobacco use in young people is about 18.4% reports GATS. Not only tobacco that includes cigarettes, Bidi, Khaini, Beetle nuts and leaves; but the alcohol consumption in India has doubled in 11 years from 3 litres to 6 Litres (per person basis) in 2017 suggests the Global status report on alcohol released by WHO. Apart from alcohol and tobacco which are most common abusive substances reports also claims the increase in drugs usage by Indian youths in the present decade. Substance abuse tend to use energy in maintaining body functionality excessive use of this leads to accumulation of toxins in liver, lungs and also effects neurological system and heart.

#Lack of Proper Nutrition: The contemporary way of life is rampantly wavering the dietary patterns that used to keep our fore-fathers robust. From super-foods to junks; not only urban spaces even rural areas has fallen in trap of this way of life. In a survey by Clint in 2018, 35 percent Indian stated that they eat fast food less than once per week. Also, the percentage of increase in obesity amongst school children have augmented to 14% reported Indian Journal of Public health. Junk foods and lack of nutritional value in it leads to obesity, risk of gaining cholesterol in a early age, liver and other digestive disorders. The breaking down of Junk foods requires a lot of energy and hormonal secretion as these foods have high concentration of carbohydrates and fats.

#Less Sleep: Other major factor that has deteriorated our lifestyle and have also lessened our energy and enthusiasm is less sleep. Since our childhood we have memorized a verse ‘Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. But, things have radically changed; work pressures, educational burden, relationship strains and other problems have obstructed our sleeping capacity. Sometimes less sleep has become fashion statement amongst youth who mostly invests time watching movie, partying at night. But, deprivation of sleep releases stress hormones in body. It reduces testosterone, increases chances of cardiovascular diseases and obesity. As, the body is unable to break the food taken by an individual and lack of sleep will require more burning of energy, this inturn leads to accumulation of fat and can give birth of high degree of diabetes.

#Physical Exercises: Yoga, meditation, exercises are key to all health problem. These rejuvenate body by maintaining the body functionality, by taking care of blood circulation and hormonal balance. The energy released during physical exercise burns excessive fat and the calorie intake, thus giving more energy and strength in-lieu of our consumption.

#Psychological Distress: Our hectic routines, relationship issues and other failures, often leads to psychological distress and thus disturbs our healthy well-being. Depression and Mental distress increases toxins in our body. It also augments the secretion of hormone from thyroid gland, estrogen levels also vary during stress. The psychological distress can lead to several Endocrine disorders and people do feel lethargic and devoid of energy to work.

These toxic habits not only lower the energy levels of the body, but it can also lead to several diseases that are related to modern patterns of living. So why not get a better life and make the body a powerhouse of positivity.

By Rajat Trehan Clinical Nutritionist & Dietitian(Health & Wellness Consultant)

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