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The Claridges relaunches its celebrated Pickwick restaurant as a ‘world cuisine’ destination

The Claridges relaunches its celebrated Pickwick restaurant as a 'world cuisine' destination 1

The Claridges New Delhi has relaunched Pickwick, its popular multi-cuisine restaurant inspired by English author Charles Dickens’ novel “The Pickwick Papers”, as an all-day luxurious dining experience. Located in the Claridges New Delhi, the reinvention of Pickwick, confirms its distinctive qualities. Its refurbishment is both architectural and gastronomic. Imbued with Claridges’ commitment to authenticity and that elusive quality called taste, visual and gastronomic this reinvention is well realized in its menu, which maintains a strong commitment to quality while promising a feast of contemporary flavours.

Interiors of Pickwick

The restaurant displays elegant British interiors, with illustrations from Charles Dickens’ The Pickwick Papers on the walls as a tribute to the legendary author. The novel is a classic that features unique members of the Pickwick’s Club and their exciting travel journeys. This vintage feel is lovingly recreated in the new Pickwick. A beautiful old map adorns the impressive ceiling. A colour theme of beige, brown and blue further enhances the ambience. The colours meld easily into the grand surroundings, including the verdant garden which opens across the restaurant. Pickwick’s quiet and calming environment fits in seamlessly with its location in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi. It is the perfect spot for breakfast, luncheon or dinner or perhaps just a coffee.

Food menu at Pickwick

What makes Pickwick so spectacular? The secret is as much in its attractive décor as in its vast menu which is incredibly versatile. With the “Cuisine Without Borders” as the theme, the refurbished restaurant takes an inventive approach to contemporary British, American, European, Indian and Japanese dining infused with innovative cooking techniques and served in an English colonial ambience. It has an exclusive Sushi Bar presided over by a Japanese chef, using very high-quality ingredients and seafood for the exclusive Japanese menu. The multi-cuisine restaurant also offers a groundbreaking omakase, a unique and surprising visual and gastronomic experience that changes every time you order.

The extensive menu has been revised to include British classics like Bangers & Mash, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Oven-baked Sea Bass, and many other flavoursome dishes. It offers a diverse range of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian delicacies including sizzlers, oven fresh Pickwick Pizzas, pasta selection, burgers and club sandwiches.

Some signature treats comprise Norwegian Salmon, Hotate, Blue Fin Tuna, Scallop Carpaccio and more. Desserts include traditional home-baked yoghurt with fresh berry compete, 24K Gold English bread butter pudding, crème Anglaise, fresh berry, Coconut Cream Caramel with fruit salsa and much more.

Drinks menu at Pickwick

The adjacent and appropriately named Dickens’ Bar offers a wide range of over 95 cocktails. Sure, it can provide you with almost any classic you might request, but why would you just stick to those? Pickwick brings together the best of the bar and the kitchen, epitomized in its “Art of Aperitivo”. The bar showcases over 95 cocktails and more. There is an incredible variety to pick from the drink menu. You could start and end your meal with Classic Italian Negroni or our signature Martinis. Or you could go for Vodka cocktails such as Bloody Good Balsamic Mary, Zee Spotted Pig Bloody Mary, Wasabi, Bloody Mary, La Bodeguita Del Medio Mojito, Whisky classics such as Whisky Sour, Old Fashioned, Manhattan or Shooters such as Brain Hemorrhage or B-52 or the Bartender’s pick: Americano, Mint Julep, Penicillin. And if you feel creatively adventurous the bar will happily help you customize your drink and give it a name as well!

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