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The beauty of smartness packed in 55 inches of unparalleled features!

Watching your favorite TV series, shows and movies have become an experience of sheer delight, breaking the mundane routines of everyday life. Televisions have stolen the charge on laptops when it comes to visual entertainment. Smart TVs are redefining the old age dummy boxes are viewed.

With internet connection, USB ports, speakers that would put a world-class DJ to shame, Televisions are the new age techtaiment devices.

Optak, a leading electronics brand has come up with two new models, with its latest offering in 55 -inch smart TV segment. “This cutting edge entertainment device from OPTAK comes with 4k Ultra HD screen which takes you right into the thick of the action, happening onscreen, and makes you a part of this magical visual experience. To complement the visual, the audio part packs: two 15W speakers that are music to ears, and can be transformed to an intimate musical fiesta with earphone comparability” says Karan Banga, CEO, Optak.

Their 8GB internal memory ensures that you don’t miss out on any of your favourite series or movie, even while you’re out of home. Add to that, the massive 140cms of screen size, you get a theatre like experience while lounging in the comfort of your own couch. Complementing this bumper package of a smart television are 2 USB support and 3 HDMI Ports.The smart money has always been and will be, on OPTAK.

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