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Tata Power SED bags Rs. 1200 crore contract from the Ministry of Defence

Tata Power SED bags Rs. 1200 crore contract from the Ministry of Defence 1

Tata Power Strategic Engineering Division (Tata Power SED), a division of The Tata Power Company Limited (Tata Power), today announced the signing of an important contract with Ministry of Defence, Government of India, for modernisation of infrastructure of 37 Airfields of Indian Airforce, Indian Navy and Indian Coast Guard. The contract needs to be executed over a period of next 4 years.

The contract, with an estimated value of about ₹ 1,200 crore, involves supply, installation and commissioning of modern airfield equipment like Cat II Instrument Landing System and Cat II Airfield Lightning System along with other Navigational Aids and Air Traffic Management system besides creating the required civil and electrical Infrastructure.

In March 2011, Tata Power SED had obtained from Ministry of Defence a contract for about ₹ 1,220 crore for modernisation of 30 Airfields and successfully executed the same. The above contract is continuation of the previous order with additional 37 Airfields undergoing modernisation which would provide excellent control of airfield systems to air traffic controllers enhancing aerospace safety and operational capability by facilitating operations in poor visibility and adverse weather conditions

Tata Power is in the process of selling its defence business (Tata Power SED) to Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) through a Scheme of Arrangement. The transfer of the business to TASL is already approved by NCLT and is expected to be completed once regulatory and other routine approvals are received.

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