Soak yourself into the brand new Hitchki experience!

Hitchki, Mumbai’s favourite watering hole, has gained a legendary status in the city’s food circles thanks to its nostalgia-invoking experience. Hitchki’s great house music and flawless service were always topped with the most innovative food and drinks menu. Now, that experience is set to go up several notches as Hitchki unveils its brand-new menu that has so much to savour!

Centered on nostalgia and presented in a chic, modern avatar, Hitchki is for everyone who likes to have a good time. Which is why its menu is so varied and exciting, offering something to everyone. Sample some of these gems, with names as innovative as the preparations, from the new menu:

  • Chakna: Ulta Punjab, Ande ka Funda, Chana Garlic, Kurum Karam Izzat Papad, Skewer ke Bacchon and more
  • Back in Time: Hostel ki Maggi, Boss Missal Pakda Gaya, Anda Kejriwal, Railway Cutlet, Andas Apna Apna and more
  • MBA (Momo, Bao and All): M&M, Kothey Cuminey, Till Chahta Hai, Bus Kar Chicken, BFF and more
  • Tere Mere Beech Mein: Patel Wrap, Hitchki Roll, Pav Bhaji Slider, PK, Delhi Belly, Gymkhana Club Sandwich and more
  • Soup: Hum Aapke Hai Corn, Mann Cha Ho and more
  • Salads and Chaats: Ek Do Bean, Mumbai ka Julius Ceaser and more
  • Kitne Aloo The: Tu Cheese Badi Hai Mast Mast, Oonchi Hai Building and more
  • Kebab Mein Haddi: Aloo Lolly Ta, Kalam Wali Bai, Naan Achi Taang and more
  • Appetizers: Over 30 varieties like Kha Muuuuush, Pav Bhaji Satakli, Full Jhol Che, Loha Garam Hai Maar Do Pakoda, Mr. India, Shiv Sukh Pijja and more
  • Mains: Almost 40 varieties such as Mere Paas Ma Hai, Gadbad Bhaijaan, Gogo Tussi Great Ho, Aamrish Puri, Tofu Kabul Karo and more
  • Biryani: Khayali Pulao, Me Berry Aahe, Apne Mutton Ko Lagaan Do and more
  • Desserts: Baratiyo ka Swagat, Jungle Mein Mangal, Cassata Churros and more
  • Drinks: Mission Chandrayan, Coco Cola Tu, Aaj Pink hai Pani…pani. Talli Boy…Apna Time Aayega, Yeh Dosti and many more
  • Many choices in Teas, Coffees, and more
  • Highlight:  Dhai Kilo ka Chaat (which is 2.5 kg for real)

Said Mr. Arjun Raj Kher, Brand Head at Hitchki and Bayroute, “We’ve worked hard for months to perfect our new #HarMenuKaBaap experience. It’s the Hitchki experience reimagined, reinvented and presented in the quirkiest avatar, with our signature dash of Bollywood and nostalgia. All things combined, it’s a spanking new Hitchki experience that’s the perfect way to unwind with loved ones!”


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