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Shriram Transport Finance Q4FY21 Results

Shriram Transport Finance Q4FY21 Results 1

The Board Meeting of Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited (STFC), one of the largest asset financing NBFC in the country, was held today to consider the audited financial results for the fourth quarter and year ended 31st March, 2021.

Financials (Standalone) :

Year ended 31st March, 2021 :

The Net Interest Income for the year ended 31st March, 2021 was Rs. 8,167.10 crores as against Rs. 8,106.98 crores in the previous year. The profit after tax was Rs. 2,487.26 crores (net of COVID-19 provision of Rs. 1,681.84 crores) as against Rs. 2,501.84 crores (net of COVID-19 provision of Rs. 909.64 crores) recorded in the previous year. The earning per share (basic) stands at Rs. 100.97 as against Rs. 107.44 recorded in the previous year.

Fourth quarter ended 31st March, 2021:

The Net Interest Income for the fourth quarter ended 31st March, 2021 was Rs. 2,151.12 crores as against Rs. 1,961.74 crores in the same period of the previous year. The profit after tax stands at Rs. 754.93 crores (net of COVID-19 provision of Rs. 84.22 crores) as against Rs.

223.38 crores (net of COVID-19 provision of Rs. 909.64 crores) recorded in the same period of the previous year. The earning per share (basic) stands at Rs. 30.65 as against Rs. 9.59 recorded in the same period of the previous year.

Dividend :

The Board of Directors has recommended a final dividend of Rs. 6/- per equity share of nominal face value of Rs.10/- each fully paid up i.e. 60 %, for the Financial Year 2020-21 subject to approval by Members in the ensuing 42nd Annual General Meeting (42nd AGM) of the Company. This is in addition to the two Interim Dividends for the Financial Year 2020- 21 declared by the Company – the first Interim Dividend of Rs. 6/- per equity share of Rs. 10/- each fully paid-up (60%) declared on October 29, 2020 and the second Interim Dividend of Rs. 6/- per equity share of Rs.10/- each fully paid-up (60%) declared on March 25, 2021. With this the total dividend for the financial year 2020-21 will be Rs. 18 /- per share (i.e. 180

%). Pursuant to Regulation 42 of the Listing Regulations and subject to the confirmation by the Stock Exchanges, the Book Closure period for the purpose of payment of the final dividend and 42nd AGM will be from June 18, 2021 to June 24, 2021 (both days inclusive). The final dividend will be paid to eligible Members on or after July 7, 2021.

Assets under Management :

Total Assets under Management as on 31st March, 2021 stands at Rs. 117,242.83 crores as compared to Rs. 109,749.24 crores as on 31st March, 2020.

About Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited.

Shriram Transport Finance Company Limited is the flagship company of the Shriram group which has significant presence in Consumer Finance, Life Insurance, General Insurance, Stock Broking and Distribution businesses. Established in 1979, Shriram Transport is today one of the largest asset financing NBFC in the country and holistic finance provider for the commercial vehicle industry and seeks to partner small truck owners for every possible need related to their assets. It has PAN India presence with 1,817 branch offices. Based at Mumbai, it manages assets over Rs. 117,200 crores and has a live customer base exceeding 21 lacs.

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