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In this age of online shopping, you all have experienced the inconvenience and disappointment of receiving a damaged, short, or improper product due to poor or insufficient secondary packaging.

While this issue can be resolved with a sales return, it leaves a bad impression of the seller. If this happens frequently, it is motivation enough to go to another shopping website even if the products on offer are of quality.

Now think this situation in an international trade transaction, where item orders are time-bound and transit time is long. How would you feel if you are the customer? And more essential, how would your business perform if you are the seller?

In either case, not good at all. In any form of trade transaction, particularly where international logistics are involved, secondary packaging makes an important part of a complete product or a shipment. A good outer packaging not only protects the product from damages but also assists create a positive brand image.

In this article, Mr. Gaurav Jalan Founder, and Director of Delhi’s top packaging company Packman Packaging Private Limited talks about secondary packaging: a vital component in international shipping.

Eases Transportation And Saves Cost

It is quite easier to handle and transport goods small or big if they are adequately packaged. Good packaging also decreases the time taken to load and unload cargo on various modes of transport and ensures that the item reaches the end customer damage free. Along with making transportation simple, proper packaging also reduces handling expenses.

Decreases Risk Of Pilferage and Theft

A strong external packaging which cannot be tampered with, assists reduce the chance of pilferage and theft. It is particularly important for valuable and small products, where the risk of theft is quite high.

Maintains Quality And Product Standard

Proper external packaging assists preserve the quality and standard of the product. It protects the products from extreme weather conditions like rain, heat, moisture, and decreases the risk of damages due to accidents. Meanwhile, for perishable goods, it also protects it from decay and from losing shelf life.

Assists In Timely Delivery

Right and necessary handling instructions, weight and dimensions and full delivery address are a vital part of an effective external packaging. Packaging that has all this information makes it convenient to handle the product at every transshipment point and make sure that it is delivered to the actual recipient.

Another point is to understand the extent of loss that can happen due to faulty packaging. Almost 65% of damages to cargo happens from poorly packed, blocked or secured cargo in CTUs, specifically freight containers.

If you are still not convinced about the benefits of good packing, here is a fact that the Indian packaging industry, precise to be worth $25 billion, is growing at 15% annually and is expected to reach $30 to $35 billion by 2020, it should help drive home the need criticality, and consumer expectations related to packaging.

To maintain and build your business in international trade, it is not only essential for you to understand the importance of good packaging but also know how to select the correct type of packaging for your shipment.

By Mr. Gaurav Jalan, Founder, Packman Packaging

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