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Scanta Hires Tyler Lindell – Founder of AR/VR for Tesla

Scanta, a leading player in the AR/VR space across the globe, has hired one of the pioneers in the industry – Mr. Tyler Lindell. Lindell was the founder of AR/VR program for Tesla prior to his new position at Scanta as Chief Product Officer.

Lindell will oversee the entire project development and integration of AR/VR on the client end. He will also assist the company in closing business leads to develop a stronger brand portfolio.

“Tyler shares the same vision that we have at Scanta and his experience & expertise will be an asset to our company. He exhibits an exemplary record of developing AR/VR departments for companies looking to integrate these modern technologies to stay one step ahead of the competition.

We are currently working towards animating AR avatars through voice commands and Tyler’s expertise will allow us to keep our focus intact while we continue to expand,” said Chaitanya Hiremath, Founder and CEO of Scanta.

In just 5 years of work experience in the AR industry, Tyler has proven himself as a visionary and an accounted veteran in this space. His immense knowledge to develop and implement AR/VR seamlessly in the client set up and the ability to always execute and deliver is what differentiates him from others in this industry.

“Communication makes us human. We’re using the principles of emerging technology such as AI and Spatial Computing to support communication globally. I’m excited about Scanta’s vision for the future of communication in Augmented Reality,” said Tyler Lindell, Chief Product Office, Scanta.

We are more than pleased to have Tyler on board and are thrilled to see the new heights that Scanta will reach in the augmented reality industry.

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