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RS India steps forward for the environment; installs solar power plant with 994kwp capacity

RS India steps forward for the environment; installs solar power plant with 994kwp capacity 1

Rajendra and Ursula Joshi (RUJ) Group’s RS India has installed solar power plant at its factory in Mahindra SEZ, Jaipur. The capacity of the power plant installed at RS India is 994 kwp and it generates electricity of more than 87,000 KWH monthly. The electricity generated from the plant is being used in all departments of RS India. The solar power plant has been installed in two phases, with the first phase being of 628 kwp worth around Rs 3,94,00,000 and the second one being of 367 kwp worth around Rs 1,81,00,000.

Jayant Joshi, MD, RS India, said, “Installing solar power plant is just a small step towards protecting the environment. Industrial waste plays a big role in affecting the environment, and it is high time all industries start doing their bit to protect the environment and prevent climate changes. Rather than being in denial, companies should step up and start taking measures, the clock is ticking on us and earth. RS India’s Solar Power Plant has been installed in order to save wastage of electricity and to create electricity in a natural manner. We have also started providing the Rajasthan Government with the electricity we are saving.”

The electricity saved by RS India’s solar plant per month is estimated to be worth more than Rs 6 lakh. Moreover, RS India provided the Rajasthan government with 5346 KWH of electricity in July, which is worth around Rs 39,000. RS India is aiming to save electrical wastage and generate electricity for its factory with the solar panels.

Climate change has become a big issue recently, and everyone around the world is taking measures to cut back on any kind of wastage which might worsen the condition. Recent instances of environmental crisis include the burning of Amazon forest, glaciers melting, and Alaska’s sea ice melting completely for the first time ever. People are cutting back on plastic usage, wastage of food, and many are taking to recycling. However, industries are being blamed for being the biggest reason behind environmental damage. Industries emit hazardous gases, smoke which cause air pollution, plus the waste from factories is disposed in rivers and oceans leading to water pollution. All over, big corporations are being blamed for leading us to this environmental crisis. Keeping the emergency in mind, many industries have now started taking measures to prevent causing pollution from their side, in any way they can.

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