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People above 50 May Have Sugar Spike Due To Coronavirus

People above 50 May Have Sugar Spike Due To Coronavirus 1

Coronavirus not only impacts your respiratory health but may also affect other organs as well. It can cause high blood sugar levels in many patients. A team headed by Dr Pradeep Kawatra successfully managed a 63-year-old patient, Mr. Anil Behl, from Delhi whose sugar levels increased post-Covid. The patient has now been discharged and has been advised dietary changes and exercise to control the sugar spike.

Anil Behl, who is a chartered accountant by profession, was jolted out of his normal life as he got infected with Coronavirus. He was examined at Apollo Spectra Hospital, Delhi, and found to have dangerously high sugar levels post-Covid in spite of being a non-diabetic.

Dr Pradeep Kawatra,  Diabetologist, Apollo Spectra Hospital, Delhi, Kailash Colony added, “It is a known fact that India is already having a major diabetes problem and a lot of individuals go undiagnosed.  However, COVID19 poses double trouble because of a bidirectional relationship between COVID19 and diabetes.  It is already evident from the data that COVID19 may be more severe in diabetics and the infection can lead to undesirable consequences. However, it is being observed that after COVID19, many people have been detected with insulin resistance and diabetes. The exact effect of this virus on glucose metabolism remains unclear, but a few COVID19 patients seem to have spontaneously developed diabetes and arrive at hospitals with high sugar levels.

 Dr Pradeep Kawatra, “The relationship between viral infections and diabetes is not new, but with this virus, a lot still remains unanswered. The COVID19 and lockdown have led to stressful conditions that can cause an increase in the sugar level. Moreover, the management of COVID19 with steroids can also lead to high sugar and other undesired consequences which one needs to look out for. Many patients above 50 complain of high blood sugar levels.  Specific to this patient, pre-Covid19, the patient was on regular follow-ups for hypertension and no diabetes. Recently, Anil Behl came in with high sugar, but with negative ketones. Sugar monitoring was done and he was given insulin with oral anti-diabetic medicines. Now with regular follow up after 4 weeks, he is perfectly fine, and finally off the insulin and a lesser dosage of oral medicine.

My world turned upside-down when my blood sugar levels became abnormal.I do not have diabetesbut after getting infected with Covid, I developed it. I was scared but prompt treatment at the hospital helped me get back on track. I am fortunate and thank doctors who gave me a new lease of life. I am adhering to a well-balanced diet and exercising daily at home. I am confident that I will surely be able to manage diabetes,” concluded Mr. Anil Behl.

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