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Pamper your mother with these 5 products on Mother’s Day

Pamper your mother with these 5 products on Mother's Day 1

Comfortable Mattress: Often, mothers are tired, but instead they never really get the time for it due to their daily household work. This Mother’s Day, give her the rest she needs by giving her a Deep sleep i.e., REM sleep which has been considered as important towards good health as nutritious food and exercise. More specifically, restful sleep can improve immunity, and lead to better heart health, among other benefits. Giving your mother the supreme comfort, optimum back support and undisturbed sleep with the most premium mattress from the house of Livpure Sleep. Livpure’s Regal mattress is enriched with a cool gel memory foam and Cool-touch outer fabric, comes with one of the most advanced technologies in the mattress industry. Livpure sleep offers a COD option, 100 nights risk-free trial, a 1-year warranty on each product, and free shipping.

Cooking aid Microwave Oven:  When it comes to mothers, gifting something useful in the kitchen like a microwave oven that helps in preparing delicious food in less time will be a great way to surprise her. The Microwaves from LG are for moms who rely heavily on their kitchen tech. LG Healthy Microwave Oven is India’s only Microwave oven with Charcoal Lighting Heater which maintains the natural flavours and makes your dish crunchy outside and juicy inside. So, save 50%* time and 30%* energy. The LG microwave ovens have a new feature called Diet Fry™ which lets you prepare dishes with minimum use of oil without feeling guilty!

Sleeping partner weighted blankets: Wrap mom in the same comfort she gave you when you were a child and she still gives you to this day. Weighted blankets by Tucked from the House of Charu is #1 rated weighted blankets brand. The Tucked In blankets offer a pressure therapy that uses firm, hands-on pressure to relax the nervous system. They help calm a restless body, help you fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer through the course of the night.

e-Reader Book Tabs: Whether mom sits at home and reads every night or attends a monthly book club with her friends, getting mom an e-reader is a great way to ensure she can always keep her book-of-the-month handy. The Kindle Paperwhite is a perfect gift for moms who are avid readers. It’s specifically designed to look and read like a physical book and additionally, it’s waterproof, so mom can keep reading while in the kitchen or outdoors while travelling.

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