Niraj Srivastava gets the Karmaveer Chakra Award for his remarkable work as a historian

Niraj Srivastava, a Member of Royal Society of Literature, England and author of Daggers of Treason was honoured with the prestigious REX Karmaveer Global Fellow & Karmaveer Chakra Award 2019 for his distinct writing and story-telling style, making him one of India’s most acclaimed authors internationally.

REX KARMAVEER Global Fellowship and Chakra Award is instituted by iCongo and the United Nations which celebrates human endeavour to bring about CHANGE. The award is extended to people from across the globe who have taken the initiative to make the society a better place to live in and have excelled in their respective fields by showing relentless courage.

The award is a tribute to the 11th President of India, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam who had offered to be the ambassador for the award and International-Volunteering-Olympiad.

Niraj Srivastava was conferred the award for his robust and deep research into the Mughal history, helping him to unveil the unknown facts that can potentially change the History known to us. His writing style is reminiscent of Imperial Court, transporting one to the Mughal era where the forgotten history is disclosed through compelling narrative.

Being ecstatic on the occasion, Mr. Srivastava said, “As per my observation I realized that the line between Facts and Fiction is very thin as both coexist peacefully in History, layering each other. This led me to stand the belief that historical fiction writing is a voice from the past and this stirred me to go deep into Mughal history to weave a story-The Untold Story. In addition to all these the professed love for all things ceremonial, martial, regal were so amusing that it led me to enter the genre of Historical Fiction writing.”

The Karmaveer Chakra Award winner was also honoured with Excellence in Writing Award at British Parliament in the month of September, 2019 and is currently involved with the sequel of Daggers of Treason named The Jhelum Betrayal which will be published soon.

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