New inks and refills in Livtek India: Host of colours to give the Miracle of Writing

Livtek India, known for its famous luxury writing instruments, has introduced in the market, new innovations in writing with the superlative Monteverde and Conklin and Stipula Inks. The latest breakthrough in ink technology brings a 3 years shelf life for inks, with a wide range of striking colors which will excite and enhance your writing style.

Monteverde, the World’s Largest Single Source for pen Refills and Inks is committed to provide new quality products by creating unprecedented designs and advanced technological innovations. Monteverde offers a new gel ink with controlled viscosity, will not dry with the cap, off.  In addition, patrons can also explore new creative ways to express with an array of unimagined unique colors, such as midnight black, malibu blue, passion burgundy, brown sugar, love red, joy sepia, mandarin orange, birthday cake, pumpkin, strawberry, blueberry muffin, the olive color olivine, and a host of other colours.

Like pen lovers, we are also now seeing the advent of ink lovers who like to have in their portfolio multi-colors.  To cater to this requirement LivTek brings into the Indian market the emotive Monteverde’s Collections, comprising of sets of 10 ink  bottles  with  different  mix  of colors and ink lovers can choose from the collections of Gemstore,  Core,  Emotions,  Nior  and  the  newly  added  Sweet  Life.  Each collection containing the 10 ink bottles set is carefully customized and inspired by its own characteristics.

Mr. Vinod Krishna, the Chairman of Livtek India said, “We are delighted to introduce a new range of Monteverde Inks with a variety of stunning colors to enhance our customer writing style. No longer does one need to be limited to writing in just black, blue, red or green, but have a wide variety to choose to write with their favorite brand of fine pens.  We hope you enjoy exploring all the options that are now available in the premium Monteverde’s refills and inks.”


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